Last chance to decide Carly

  1. Hey all I have narrowed it down to 2 colors in the large carly.. Khaki/Bronze or Khaki/Chocolate
    sorry I keep asking about what 1 I just cant decide and I dont want to make the wrong choice etc.. since I heard the gold tends to flake off I didnt know if that was true or not.

    if I got the bronze I would put this wallet and wristlet with it...






    and for the khaki/chocolate I would do...

  2. Personally, I like chocolate better. Bronze is pretty but I find myself too wishy washy about metallics. Chocolate will never go out of style! Either one is going to be a great bag for you though!
  3. I say go w/ the Chocolate.
  4. I like the chocolate, and I love that wallet too!!:tup:
  5. Another vote for chocolate. And I love the wallet you've chosen to go with it.
  6. Chocolate....
  7. yeah chocolate....have you seen the bronze in person? you might love it when you see or you might not.

  8. nope I have never seen the bronze in person thats why I was so iffy on getting it
  9. I'll say it's not as shiney/gold as the wallets you posted. I found it to be very muted.

    I, personally, am not a fan of the bronze - just seemed too blah I would go with chocolate.
  10. Well I like the both.. I just saw a bronze on a girl and it looked hot! But I also love the chocolate and agree it is not as trendy. It just depends on how timeless you want it to be and what you wear with it.. as far as flaking I would ask the SA when you go in to look and they can tell you more about it. I love the first wallet and the last wallet :tup: Good Luck, get what YOU want because YOU are the one that has to wear it! ;) :tup:
  11. Regardless of which you choose (I lean toward the bronze simply because it is a little less common), I would put the first wallet with it. I think that wallet is stunning and the metallic accent INSIDE the chocolate bag (if you choose that one) would be great instead of being matchy-matchy.

    But both are great bags, and you almost cannot go wrong with either one.
  12. Chocolate!

  13. bronze! I love to have different bags/colors than the norm. This a great year round color. You will always be able to find a brown bag. I say go for the gold!
  14. the metallic leather did wear on my wristlet from a few years ago, but I seriously love it anyhow and I vote for Bronze!!!
  15. I like the bronze more. Not as many people have it.