Last chance for PCE purchase - need some help!

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  1. I need help!!! I have been looking for a double wrap watch for years and now Coach has made one, but my spending needs to slooooow up a bit so I went to the mall tonight to see if I could find something similar for cheaper. My decision is between the Carly double wrap strap watch and an Anne Klein watch I just saw at the mall.

    Carly watch
    coach watch.jpg

    Anne Klein
    Ann klein watch.jpg

    Which one do you all like best? I have never owned a Coach watch and I have no idea what the face of this watch looks like IRL, but it looks awfully cute :graucho:

    I am also working on convincing myself I dont need the medium Sophia patent wallet in crimson and the long legacy gloves - think either of these 2 pieces will be around till Christmas? or should I get both or one of these and hold off on the watch....oh the decisions are killing me:confused1:
  2. I like the Carly better than the AK. Even if I didn't know which was which, the I like it the best.
  3. I like the Coach one.
  4. I think the Carly is cuter.
  5. Hi,
    The Carly is very cute. All Coach watches are made by Movado. A very good brand!!
    I would probably go with the Anne Klein so I could get the wallet and the gloves.
    Good Luck on your decision!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. Thanks for all your advice - i think i will get the Carly - keep you posted on my purchase - heck who knows what else I might order :biggrin: