Last chance for 20% Off Amore Bags at Pulse!

  1. if you still haven't gotten your amore bags at pulse who gives 20% off + $5 shipping...u better get to it!!

    they only have these bags left!

    1 each of: buon viaggio, canguro, zucca, and gioco in amore

    and they usually take 2-3 days to arrive at your front door step! buy buy buy!

    and i'm not enabling..i'm just making sure people take advantage of an awesome deal!
  2. I sort of wish I waited :sad: Nahhh i'm happy with my items :biggrin: I wish I could've used my 20% though...darnit.
  3. jessaka- not to twist the knife in deeper, but its 20% off of mainland prices, so its like 40% off of hawaii prices! No way you could take your amore back?

    I got a gioco and the last denaro, it should be here tomorrow! YAY!
  4. They shipped monday when I ordered on weekend and I got em today!!! Tuesday, talk about fast :p I got my zucca which I loveee. It's perfect with my sushi, sandy, birds, etc. and cuts off the ugly mushrooms! And my caramella has my lattes and sandy and koi. Pulse is the best.
  5. Nah, my Amore is perfect and I've used it since I got it and it's been too long to return anyway. I'm not one to return bags if nothing is wrong with it, because every bag needs a home. HAHA. Yes, I really believe that and I know I'm weird. I'm the girl who picks the cat in the petstore that looks like it's going to die or is a big fluff ball and turn it into the most beautiful cat around. HAHHAHAHA. OK, I might start freaking people out now. Let's say I see the beauty in all things - cough - pets and bags. LOL. I could never part with any of my toki things.

    & yes tokidoki lover, you totally killed me when you said 40% off hawaii prices O__o
  6. I got the last Zucca :smile:
  7. congrats yasha! post pix!
  8. Yasha, yayyy for you :biggrin: I'm happy someone got to use their 20% off lolz.

  9. Geez louise, I thought I was the only crazy person, I bought this plush sheep by Nici, and then I decided I want a bigger one, but I felt bad returning this one coz I already picked her up and took her home.
    I mean she'd be like all sad and lonely back in the store, nobody wanting her, so I just kept her. :shrugs:
  10. yes, that is how i feel as well! haha. i think toys and stuff are sad when your child abandons them...and when you throw away idk. I haven't been able to part with stuff. idk, i really think i am weird. i dont like things being sad & lonely.
  11. I can sell bags and clothes and stuff I don't like anymore, but I never got rid of any of the toys I really like, I have a closet full of plush animals, I can't just throw them out or give them away. That's betrayal.
  12. hahah. i think this happened to me after TOY STORY. You got a friend in sad. Hmm, or even Brave little Toaster.