Last Cerises Pochette left

  1. I called 1866 to order a Cerises Pochette on Sat. The SA told me that I got the second to the last in US and there was one more left.

    Whoever is interested should act fast.
  2. What is the retail on the Cerises Pochette? (If you don't mind me asking)
  3. 375 before tax!
  4. That's pretty good for this adorable Pochette! I did find this BRAND NEW Cerises Pochette on Ebay for $300 SHIPPED about a week ago, and even though I'm not really a small bag person, I just could't resist it!!:heart:
  5. Wow, yours is a very good price. It even has an extender.:love:

  6. Well, actually the extender I already had. It didn't come with the Pochette, but still, $300 was a pretty good price, right?:smile:
  7. Very good. :yes:
  8. I want one, but Pochette's are so small. I need big bags.
  9. I totally agree!! I also LOVE BIG bags...But I can't deny that every ONCE in a while I feel like carrying a tiny LIGHT little thing that fits perfectly on my shoulder and under my arm, allowing both my hands to be totally free. And I DO have to say that the pochette with the extender DOES DO THAT!
  10. ^^ Oh yah. Pochettes are great evening bags when all you need are a few things. During the day I need to have tons of stuff with me, so I need the big bag. I hate seeing those tiny Pochettes stuffed to the point you can see the shapes of the things inside. Yeesh.
  11. Lol're not alone! I hate seeing them so crammed with the things that the bag ends up misshapen! Ick.
  12. Hahaha. Right. It's like okay those are keys, that big bump looks like a cell phone, and that lump looks like a compact.

    Also, I hate when they are super stuffed that they are unable to zip it close. That's the worst!
  13. Yes and it takes so long for these girls to get anything in and out from their stuffed purses:lol:

    Someone get the cute cerises pochette!
  14. I called my SA and she said that there was none left anywhere so I called the 1-866-VUITTON and they tracked one for me and they are supposed to transfer it. :yahoo: I'll keep you posted for when it arrives.:yes:
  15. Yay Alana!