Last Call NM (Tempe, AZ) Pre-Sale on Chanel Shoes

  1. Anyone live in Arizona... there is a pre-sale going on at Last Call NM for Chanel shoes. I didn't see the collection, but I was told by a random SA that there WILL be Chanel shoes there. Last time I checked (last Friday), there was the patent quilted cork wedge shoes.

    You must be an NM cardholder to attend the pre-sale.

    Hope this helps. Let me know what goodies you got.

  2. i wish there is nmlc near where i live
  3. I live in Michigan and I go to the Neiman Marcus Last Call (in Auburn Hills) pre-sales all the time, even though I do not have a NM charge. It may vary by store, but I just asked an SA to put me on the call list and they always notify me when new shipments come in and when pre-sales are coming up.
  4. oh i didn't know you could do that. i should sign up for that. :smile: thanks aprilvalentine.
  5. No problem! It's kinda cool, they let you in the back room and you get to paw through everything. Sometimes the guys are still loading it off the trucks. I swear, sometimes I have to stop myself from crawling up onto a truck when they are taking a break. :smile: