Last Call NM Katy Mills

  1. They had a couple of Marc Jacob bags...sorry I don't know the name but it's a hobo with 2 pockets. They had a big one that was a light green seafoamish color that was retail $995 and it was around $665...BUT if you open a Neimans Credit Card they are doing a promotion where you get 50% off a single item excluding fine jewelry and furniture, it's such an awesome deal! I don't know how long there are doing it and if they are doing it at every Last Call or just that one.
  2. Oh wow! what a good deal! that is on the last marked price of off the full retail price?

    BTW, Off Saks is buy 1, get 1 for 1/2 off, including MJ bags.
  3. The Last Call in San Marcos, TX had a Blake in Peacock for the same price. They also had a Large Multipocket in Thistle. I was very, very tempted with both of those bags!! My mother had to drag me out of the store practically kicking and screaming!:lol:
  4. A blake in Peacock?!? OMG... Love that color and style!
  5. Yes!! Can you believe it? I'm still aching from walking away from that one. It may still be there. I just saw it less than a week ago. Do you want me to look up their number for you. I know I have a receipt from them somewhere close by...
  6. oooooh nooooo please don't look it up. I've grounded myself from buying bags. Let's see how long it lasts! What a great price when it's half off.. but I already have a NM CC. Phooey.
  7. ^^:lol: :lol: LOL...Okay, I won't tempt you any further. :smile: