Last bag of the year! Which One?


Which bag should I get?

  1. LV Limited Edition Motard Biker - Marron

  2. LV Limited Edition Motard Biker - Black

  3. Oscar de la Renta Larrabe in Metallic Python - Oxidize

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  1. so I was 100% sure that I was going to get the LV Motard Biker...
    But then today I came across the Oscar de la Renta Larrabe Metallic Python in Oxidize:nuts: Wow, this bag would totally satisfy the python craze that i've been having lately!

    What do you guys think? Ohh and does anyone know if Oscar de la Renta bags tend to go on sale? Does Oscar de la Renta hold up it's value as well as LV? How is the Quality of their bags? Are their exotic bags made in limited quatities? (Please share some info with me, I have owned one of their bags before!)

    louis-vuitton-alligator-marron-motard-biker-bag.jpg louis-vuitton-alligator-black-motard-biker-bag.jpg victoria-beckham-python-handbag.jpg
  2. Sorry i cant hep u much.. i can only say i like the marron 1.. btw ur puppy is so cute..
  3. I voted for the black biker:love:
  4. Aww thanks!
  5. Black biker.
  6. I'd go for the biker
    I have no ide how much the ODLR bag is but I'd guess as it's exotic it's $$$$ how long will you be able to wear that bag based on the colour & shape, the biker has moreepotential to be aclassic bag that you can wear forever plus we know the resale is good on LV
  7. blk biker!
  8. black biker
  9. My vote is for the Black Biker
  10. Black Biker!! :nuts:
  11. not the python.
    they are skinned alive to retain the qualities of their skin.
  12. The Oscar de la Renta would actually be a few hundred dollars cheaper probably about $800 cheaper but then I would have to order from the website and pay duties, so then it will end up being the same price as the LV!

    I know what you mean because of the frame bag shape of the ODLR bag, which seems to be in for now. And because its metallic but it sure is beautiful. I'm just trying to do some research on the resale value of a bag like that...and so far no luck!

    I know that classic is best and I do love the LV bag but I think I might be leaning towards the ODLR bag more, I just love python!!! (or any exotic skin!)
  13. The black biker - it just looks so cool!:nuts:
  14. Eithe LV Limited Edition Biker bag would be a FAB addition to your collection!!!
  15. black biker!