Last Bag of the year! Help me pick!

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Which one?

  1. Damier Ebene Alma

  2. Verona MM

  3. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I really would like to get one more bag this year and I really want damier ebene pattern. I am stuck between the alma and verona mm! I am open to other suggestions. I have tried the trevi pm and it's just not me! Let me know your thoughts! Thanks in advance for the advice!!!
  2. I voted Verona MM since it is on your wishlist and I am biased. I love my Verona MM. I suspect that if you have the Verona MM on your wishlist, you will want her even if you get the Alma. I really prefer the Alma in epi or vernis, so I'd say get the Verona and then a different alma later on.
  3. Thanks clu13! When I first tried the Verona MM on, I loved it. Then I went back to get it and got the Vernis Wilshire MM instead and didn't like the Verona MM as much, but I still think about it!
  4. I just got the alma damier 100% go for it! :smile:
    I also tried the verona and didnt like it
  5. Damier Ebene Eva? Great little bag! If a small bag is not on your cards then
    the Verona!
  6. Alma. Not a fan of Verona
  7. The Verona is beautiful but when I saw the Alma in damier at the store I was really impressed. I'm not considering it only because I need a shoulder bag. Good luck choosing!
  8. Tough one but I vote Verona, as you can get the Alma in other lines later :smile:
  9. I vote Verona. I think it's prettier than the Alma in Damier personally. I'd rather the Alma in Vernis!
  10. verona
  11. Alma!
  12. I would go with the Verona in damier.....alma looks much better in vernis.
  13. While i still like Alma in vernis or epi.....i still choose Alma over Verona. Don't really like the symmetrical shape of Verona....looks funny to me. :P
  14. I like verona it could be both handheld and shoulder bag wherein alma is a handheld bag.... If you're more in to shoulder bag I think you should go for verona.....:tup:
  15. I like alma mm and its only in mono so I voted Verona.