Last bag before ban, help me pick!

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  1. Tough. Phoebe works for dressing up and down. Duffle is classic. The color is nice. For me, it would come down to the one that I would get the most use out of. Duffle is a bag you can keep in your collection a long time but, for me, the color is more trendy than timeless. The color you're choosing for phoebe would serve you for years to come.
    Now if that's not an issue for you than choose the pop of color and get the duffle. Depending on how long your ban is, you'll be able to find either if them later for less money
  2. I'm a Phoebe fan and love that color, so my vote is for that. I'm not familiar with the duffle style (I need pockets and compartments) but I assume it doesn't have them. So if that doesn't bother you, that's a fun color. I tend to splurge on neutrals or colors I know I'll use a lot. If I can find a fun color at a bargain, then I'd be more likely to consider it. But I'm kind of conservative. Good luck with a hard choice!
  3. Duffle!
  4. Duffle. I love them! The variety in its wear is awesome.
  5. I really like both! I am definitely a fan of the Legacy bags..I have many, and in bright colors too! I think brights go with more than people think...if you wear a lot of neutrals, I would pick the bright duffle, (for a pop of color), if you already wear a lot of color ...I would go with neutral colored Phoebe! Both are nice! I know it's hard, I just posted a thread about which bag to choose! I still didn't decide yet! lol
  6. If you're truly serious about going on a ban, I would wait. I would wait until I saw a bag that there's no doubt. A bag that no other bag could be the running to be judged against it because you're not thinking about any other bag. A bag that makes your heart skip a beat--one that you can't stop thinking about until you get it for yourself. Really want that bag!
  7. I just got the grey quartz phoebe and it is such a pretty bag. I love the color and as others have said, it will go with everything.
    The duffle is a beautiful color....Also you would have to choose the one that is functional for you. The duffle has a large open compartment where as phobe has multiple compartments.
    So really, its personal preference on which style works best for you :smile:
    Good luck
  8. THIS!! Perfectly stated, jailnurse :smile:
  9. +1...nicely said!
  10. :tup:
  11. Phoebe!

  12. I have to pipe in here how this is a great suggestion.

    Also I got the pink Scarlett duffle when it released. I was taking heart pills from the excitement palpitations waiting for it lol. Then when it arrived ( and some here know my huge penchant for pink!) I handed it right back to my SA. Ordered in the mini tanner. IMO it was too much. In the duffle I found the color overpowering. Like an SUV in bright pink vs a smaller VW Beetle?

    Good luck deciding !
  13. I'd go with Phoebe. I would get more use out of it..Phoebe can do both casual and dressy. That color duffle is nice though! :P