Last bag before ban, help me pick!

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  1. I have to pick between one of these two bags before I go on a ban. I thought I had my mind made up, but now not sure. Help me pick please. TIA! :smile:

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  2. duffle because i don't like too many compartments
    both are beautiful bags
  3. I like both for different reasons.

    I love the Phoebe, and it would be my pick if the double strap is the kind that will stay on your shoulder. It has a sleek, modern look I like that you could dress up or down.

    I like the duffle because I know the strap would stay on my shoulder, though the styling is more classic casual than Phoebe. The duffles do look really nice on.
  4. Tassels!:biggrin:
  5. Phoebe
  6. I would go with the Phoebe. The look is so current and on trend, the style can go casual or dressy, and the color really will go with everything! Good luck in your decision.
  7. Tough decision....I have lusted over both bags recently, ended up with the phoebe....mostly because I have the poppy small tote in rosé pink and the scarlet pink is almost identical . I love duffles tho and I find myself grabbing a duffle or Isabelle over another style when I pick a purse for the closet .

    Which color will you use more ?
  8. Hard choice they are both beautiful love them both. I love Phoebe the color is so easy to wear with every thing . The duffle such a stunning color. I am no help I would get both if possible .
  9. I like phoebe, but this color of the duffle is killing me. LOVE the pink! Just wondering if I will burn out of it too fast.
  10. Phoebe. It just looks classic and trendy and i agree it can be dressed up or down. Honestly not a fan of this duffle although I have a very similar looking bag from the Park line. Do love the tassels though!
  11. Phoebe!!!
  12. I would say Phoebe! But I love the duffle too!
  13. I vote Phoebe, I usually favor neutrals. But if you really prefer the duffle then that's the one you should get.
  14. Difficult question. Phoebe is more neutral so you will get more use of it, but the duffle is such a classic style and if you love bright colors, you might get a lot of use of it too. Do you already have a phoebe or a duffle, or both? Which style do you like to carry more?
  15. ditto!!!!