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  1. Vlad, Sunshine instructed me to post this question here, since she did not have an answer for me:

    I have noticed that some tPFers do NOT display the time of their "Last Activity:". Somehow this is shown as empty. How do you edit that setting?
  2. :shrugs::shrugs:Sorry I could not be more help!
  3. is it people who chose to sign on in "hidden/anonymous" mode?
  4. Nope. I don't think so. I notice that some of the older pf'ers have this (those who joined before may 2006 or so) option, but I don't.
  5. I think it's invisible mode. My dot always looks red, but I am not sure whether or not my last activity time shows.
  6. Sunshine, you can't know everything! I am going to see if I can go invisible and see if I can tell...hopefully Vlad will let us know for sure.
  7. Okay all, I am in "invisible mode"...when you click on my avatar does it show last activity time? Someone?
  8. ^No, it's not showing anything for last activity
  9. Question answered. :yes:
  10. :rochard::biguns:
  11. Emald, thanks for letting me know! And Vlad and Swanky thanks too!
  12. You're welcome!