Last 10 lbs Club!

  1. Hi ladies. Seems liks I have been struggling with the last 10 lbs forever. I lost 37 lbs in 2009 and was within 1 lb of my goal weight. Then it crept back on and I am 10-12 lbs away from my goal weight (135). I'm 5'5 and have a curvy build and when I was close to 135 I felt great. I'm 27 and really want to get to my goal weight before I turn 30! LOL. Hope some of you will join me. I will be posting here daily for accountability. For me my diet is probably 90% of my weight issue so I will be watching what I eat a lot.
  2. I've been trying to lose 5-10lbs for a few months now. I lost 38lbs this year, but since June I've been staying at the same weight (thankfully I haven't gained). I already hit my goal weight, but I'm being greedy :biggrin: I don't know what else to do. I've been following weight watchers and stay well below my points and work out 3 days a week, but the pounds aren't going anywhere!
  3. I have more than 10 lbs to lose still but I am still going to hang around.

    Go Vanessa, go! Persistency and consistency. :smile:
  4. Chichi, do you lift weights? Have you mixed up your workout routines?

    Im 5'8 and I have 4lbs to lose to reach my first goal of 154. That was my weight pre-babies. Once I get there I will re-evaluate and then decide if I want to lose more.
  5. I am joining. I have about 10-12 lbs to lose. And my timeline is 9 weeks.
    Excuse? Very bad divorce. I abandoned my healthy eating habits and exercise routine and sought comfort in overeating, many crumbcakes and sleeping tones. A few months of that and voila.

    So now I am trying every exercise known to man. And examining what I am eating..fortunately I kept a food log (health reasons) so that helps. Wish me luck all.
  6. Welcome all! Thanks so much for joining me. My staff holiday party is in 3 weeks and I would like to be down 4 lbs by then. I'm going to try some weights. Anyone have any good weights routines they do?
  7. Yes, I lift weights. I do cardio & toning on Mondays, step & toning on Wednesdays and kickboxing on Fridays. Sometimes I will run on Saturdays. Starting in December I will be taking a free Zumba class 2 days a week for about 1 month.

    While preparing for my wedding I was working out 6-7 days a week but then lowered it to 3 days a week and now I will be bringing it up to 4-5 days a week. I'm hoping Zumba will do something...but I doubt it :sad:
  8. Me me me me me me me me me I feel like I have been trying to break 150 forever. I'm 5'9 and ALMOST a perfect size 6. I got down to 152 and then it seems like I teeter between 152 and 157. As of today I'm 156 so 10 lbs it is.

    I do Muay Thai, run, and lift. My diet is fairly good so I'm hoping that being a tiny bit stricter will help. I also take measurements and those really aren't moving either. Sooo I'm all the way in!!
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    Sounds like maybe your body has just gotten used to the routine?? I don't know if WW allows you to mess with your calorie intake...but maybe a spike day here and there and also zig zagging your calories may help break the plateau.

    **And I just reread your first say that you stay way under your points - that could be the problem. Try eating a bit more and getting as close to your allowance as possible :smile:
  10. A couple days during the week (either Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday) I don't count points as I go out for dinner and I know the calories are WAY higher than what I normally eat. I've spoken to many trainers and have done everything they've suggested but still nothing. I think my body is telling me to stop trying and that this is where I'm meant to be lol I'm thinking I might have to start jogging/running a few days a week for an hour at a time like I used to just kills my ankle (injured it in high school).

    I'm really hoping adding Zumba to my routine will help me out a little. I'm 5'7" and fluctuate between 157-160 (size 6/8), but I'd like to be 150-155.
  11. I'm definitely in! I'm 5'2 and around 125 lbs right now. Would love to be 115 lbs! I've lost the weight before, and I know I can do it again.

    I just need to be more conscious about what I eat -- I do great for a couple of days, decide its time for a cheat meal, and then it seems hard to get back on the wagon.
  12. Hey VJ - I'm back. :cool: I joined Weight Watchers in August with the goal of losing 15 pounds - well 14.5 actually because I was 129.5 and wanted to get to 115 by Christmas. I think I'm going to have to reset my goal to 120. I lost 7 pounds and have completely plateaued for a month!

    Last week I started working out again, and did 4 hard cardio sessions and still just maintained. :cursing: It's so frustrating when you are doing everything right and can't get any results. I had a long talk with the WW leader and that's when I decided to reset my goal. There is no point being completely frustrated all the time. So I am going for a 10 pound weight loss instead of 15 by Christmas. That means I have 3 pounds to lose. I'm going to continue on with 3 workouts per week and stick to the WW plan and hope to God this plateau breaks.

    It's nice to come here and share/vent though and hopefully get some encouragement and give some too!!

    My next WW weigh in is next Tuesday.
  13. I'm 5'8" and I am right there with you in that fluctuation...158-160. I hate when the scale says 160...makes me feel like pooh!

    I am thinking about hiding the scale for a while and just continue to do as I am doing and maybe only weigh myself 2 times a month.

    Also have you taken your measurements? You could be converting fat into muscle. Just a thought :smile:
  14. CHiChi, adding in Zumba to your schedule will help. It really tones the midsection and burns a lot of calories. And the best part is that it is really fun.
  15. I used to weigh myself everyday but I drove myself crazy, so now I'm down to once a week.

    I've actually never taken measurements. For the past couple of weeks my clothes have actually felt like they fit better than they used to. I tell myself that maybe the fat is turning into muscle but seeing the numbers on the scale makes me just feel like nothing is working. I really should take measurements.