Lasik was been Good to me

  1. Lasik was been Good to me

    Let me begin with why I was even interested in Lasik. I have worn glasses for thirty years, ever since I was a very little boy. I have very weak eyes, and needed to wear my glasses from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I have a special spot where they are kept, and a number of backup pairs of glasses so that I never have to go without them. I also have had some dry eye problems for the last few years, which is often a reason that Lasik doctors do not recommend the Lasik procedure for some people. but not until last year a friend of my girl shared to me same problem as i had and she mention about Lasik as her life saver, At first I was so scared to undergo such surgery ( I heard so many rumors from a neighborhood before) but until I went to the clinic in]my2020since they also have a special offer and met my surgeon ( Dr. Wiles). He discuss to me everything the effects and the possible outcome, which convinced me to have it. To make the story short it was a successful surgery and I have no regret of having it. It’s a lifesaver to me now all I have to do is use some moisturizing drops a few times a day, and I can see like I did as a teenager! I am now free of that burden im so thankful of having it.