Lasik Anyone?

Dec 6, 2005
I have horrible eye sight :sad: ! I have consulted dozens of doctors about lasik and they feel I'm a good candidate, but the thought of it scares me to death :shame: After all it is your eyes! Is anyone else considering having it or has had it. I'd love to hear any experiences.
Thanks guys!
I've been considering it seriously for the last little bit - I'm more than halfway there to legally blind. One of my coworkers has had it done, as well as my friend's brother and sister-in-law. The process itself can be a little frightening, since there is still an incision that needs to be made with a physical cut (using a knife), plus.. it's a laser that cuts your eye so you actually smell yourself burning (bleh!!). Plus there is an element of risk in it, it is possible that your surgery isn't as effective or it damages your eye (rare).

Honestly though, I think it's worth it, for convenience and the money you'll save on buying nice glasss for like at least the next 10 years. Since it hasn't been around for all that long though, long, long term effects aren't fully known, so it could be possible that in 20 years you'd need a touch up surgery.
I know sooo many people with success stories! I actually went with my ex-boyfriend many years ago. He was near-blind without contacts/glasses. He went to 20/20! He was ecstatic!
My brother had it done a few weeks ago and I will tell you everything I know through him, hope I am getting this info right. You have to wear only glasses 2 weeks before you get it done - no contacts - then after you get the surgery, your eyes need help making tears I think so you have to use a lot of eye drops that they give you and you will need to use them for the next 6 months. When he came home, he had a sensation of something being in his right eye but said it wasn't painful just annoying and he wasn't able to look at the lights in our house. He wore these special sunglasses for a couple days and was pretty miserable cause he wasn't able to watch TV or do anything. But after a couple days he got a lot better and now has perfect vision! He said the lasik itself was really easy and I have heard of ppl who have no problems afterwards but he wasn't one of the lucky ones. I hope you do it though, in my opinion a couple days of being miserable is worth it to never need glasses or contacts again
ayla said:
for convenience and the money you'll save on buying nice glasss for like at least the next 10 years.

Not really. In my case, I started buying lots of sunglasses and each costs a lot more too.

I love Lasik! The surgery was so simple and quick.
I had it done a few years ago.
I was legally blind without my glasses (-13.5 in one eye, -9.0 in the other) and now I am 20/20.
I used to have to wear my contacts in the shower, lest I injure myself.
I highly recommend it, find a good surgeon who has strict standards about appropriate candidates, you won't regret it!
The new lasers they have nowadays make it even safer than it was when I had it done.
Way back when this first came out before lasers my brother had it done and it worked beautifully for him. He’s wearing glasses again but it’s been about 20 years. I’ve been looking into too. I’ve worn glasses since first grade and would love to loose them for 20 years or so.
ilovechloe said:
Way back when this first came out before lasers my brother had it done and it worked beautifully for him. He’s wearing glasses again but it’s been about 20 years. I’ve been looking into too. I’ve worn glasses since first grade and would love to loose them for 20 years or so.

Yeah, it doesn't prevent the need for glasses due to age.
When I was severely myopic I reasoned that I wouldn't need reading glasses when I was older, imagine my horror when I was told I would need TRIfocals eventually. :mad:
I recommend this as well. I got Lasik done about 4 years ago and it's the best money I've ever spent! I started wearing glasses when I was 11 and between contacts and glasses over the years, I finally made the decision for Lasik.

The procedure itself it quick - a few minutes per eye - I was out of the chair in 11 minutes. But afterwards my eyes felt like there's sandpaper in it which isn't too uncomfortable, they give you drops and you go home and sleep.

Lasik isn't for everyone - be sure to find an experienced eye doctor and get recommendations from other people who have had Lasik with the doctor.
kathyrose said:
I've thought about it but am too scared to think about it seriously. I'm so scared I'd be one of te few bothced up jobs.

Most of the botched jobs are due to lousy surgeons who are only after $$$ and do not qualify patients properly.
Find a good surgeon you trust.
Most ballplayers have had it the hands of a good doc it's very low risk.
Considered it seriously but decided not to. I am very nearsighted with astigmatism. As I have gotten older, I still need glasses for distance but my uncorrected vision of everything within ten feet or so is excellent and far superior than anything I can have wearing glasses. I don't wear my glasses for reading, painting or talking across the table at dinner -- I see much better without them. If I had had the Lasik to correct my far vision, I would be wearing glasses for all the closer-up activities. That's the tradeoff and I'm pretty sure it is that way for everyone who corrects the distance vision. You might want to think about how the Lasik may affect your vision when you get to your forties and beyond.
I know five people very close to me that have had this procedure done. Each ranged in age from 30-40 and one was like 80. They all had great success. One had small problems...her eyes were constantly dry after the procedure for quite some time. If I remember correctly that is one problem that is common afterward and should fade away in time.
They all were able to wake up the next morning with great of difference. No complaints. ONe even went in again for a tune-up (slight adjustment) I was told they never try to go 20/20 they go for slightly less in case of an error. It is much easier to go in for a tune up to better it than to adjust too far.
Where do you live? You really need to research a great deal and don't trust what others say. Never go with one of those budget places offering specials.
My one close friend had hers done in D.C. She told me the doctor who did hers did Tiger Wood's eyes. The other people did theirs in Florida.
I had LASIK done last year, in February. I have had no problems and am loving my contact free life. I will go into the details later but I cannot EMPHASIZE enough to do your RESEARCH!

1. All my friends were doing LASIK around the same time, I was the last since I wasn't able to afford it yet. It's like joining a sorority, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have a consult with more than one Opthamologist. You will feel comfortable with one and that is an important start. You will immediately see that some of them just see you as a number and dollar signs. My girlfriends went to one and had a ton of questions and the surgeon was like, "just don't worry about it, I have done over x number of these." Not only did he not answer her question she wondered if he even cared that she was uncomfortable.

Another one of my friends went and said the guy was just plain SLIMEY! He was so cool and full of himself. She was just uncomfortable of the idea he was going to touch her. Later when she went home and pulled him up on the BBB, he had 2 lawsuits against him.

Lastly, my girlfriend went to the surgeon that Jessica Simpson used. Hey, he must be good right? NOT! He no longer is allowed to perform and had his license taken away! SUCKS because my girlfriend needs a touch up (which is usually free within 6 months) and he is no longer allowed to perform!

I know it sounds stupid, and I know they always twist it to, "I rent because that way I can use the latest and greatest machine".
From the research I did, though it may be a SMALL risk, I personally wanted to eliminate ANY risk I could control.

Point is, in a rental space/ office, you do not know who used the equipment last. And YES, there is a professional that is suppose to clean it properly but can you be too sure. You know and I know, rentals (anything) are never taken as well care of as personally owned things. So, for example, if the equipment (laser?) gets wet or something happens to it, and the person forgets (they are stressed out busy people) to report it, I would not want to be the next patient on the table.

PLUS, often times people that rent space/ equipment are not as fond of doing touch ups because that means they themselves have to pay for the place/ equipment again. Something to consider.

3. Don't be fooled by their Clientel list or website. For instance, Tiger Woods is on the Website for TLC. That's where my girlfriend went, the website and Tiger were impressive. What they have in small font is that this is like a franchise. Just because you go to TLC, doesn't mean you will get the same doctor as Tiger!

4. Check to see if they had any lawsuits. What type of standing they are in.

5. ASK how many patients they have performed on!
6. ASK if they had anyone that had serious surgery side effects (loss of vision, etc...)
7. How many of their patients needed a touch up.
8. How long will they allow for a free touch up.

9. Ask all your friends who they went to and their experience. Make sure to interview at least 2-3. I think word of mouth is the best way to start. Maybe someone from your church, or a family friend, or your friends trust him/her and were successful, start there.

10. Money is always a factor but don't do anything too cheap, it makes me wonder why they are that desperate. A lot of them are that cheap because they are trying to build up their number of clientel. I don't need to be a test subject!