Lasik ...aaaahhh

  1. I am so happy that it went well for you. Have you driven at night yet? I am wondering about halos and such.

    I have my consultation on Thursday.
  2. I haven't driven at night yet, but I was out last night and I did not see any halos at all. The only thing I noticed was that the glares were more noticeable than before but that was all. Good luck with your consultation!!!! It really was the best decision ever :smile:
  3. ^ Glad to hear that you're enjoying LASIK already :smile:
  4. What great timing on this thread, I just filled out a request for a consultation today. Totally on a whim but I've been wanting to do Lasik for years. So glad it went well for you OP!
  5. I had lasik done on Friday, it's now Sunday and I'm seeing great, I drove the other night and was fine, I haven't had any issues with halo or anything =) Best thing i've ever done.. for me i only had to take out my contacts 2 days prior to my pre-op (which was thurs, then my surgery was on friday) and the doctor said everything looked great!

    seriously yall, you should consider it, it's amazing!!! i was reallyyy really nervous but if you think about they've been doing this eye surgery for awhile now, they gave me anti-anxiety meds before the procedure, so i felt very relaxed even though i was still nervous, i just kept telling myself it would only take a minute per eye and then i'd be able to see forever and not even remember one minute of being uncomfortable! :smile:
  6. I'm so jealous! (queue whining) I don't want to wait until July! :pout:
  7. I'm so happy it went well for you OP. thank you so much for all the details! The only thing that's been holding me back is my own fear (during the procedure and going blind after).
    Did you go to an individual doctor or a place like Kremer, etc?
  8. I really want this done, I'm so sick of contacts and how restricting it is to wear them! The only thing that concerns me about Lasik is that its a relatively new procedure, right - so there are few people who had it done say 30 years ago to see how their eyes are doing now? Did the surgeon talk about and explain how the very long-term stuff works to anyone?
  9. My dad had Lasik done about 17 or so years ago. He uses reading glasses now at a very low prescription (the ones available at drugstores are good enough), and he says sometimes it's annoying to drive at night because of slight halos and glares. He is 50 now. Just for those who are wondering about long-term effects.

    He still recommends it wholeheartedly, and I am planning on getting it done when I'm done with school! My optometrist recommended that wait until I was finished with school.
  10. Yeah I know there are a lot of longer-term studies out there now. 20+ years. Ask your Dr about it, they have all the information you need... people are constantly asking about that so they have what you're looking for.

    One thing you must realise, Lasik will correct the shape of the lenses in your eye, which will fix your vision perfectly... BUT you will probably need reading glasses when you get to your 50s and older, like most people do. Since the vision problems you get when you're older have to do with muscular changes, not the shape of your lenses.

    What sold me on it, was that I would eventually have to get bi-focals or multi-focals, which are a pain to have made up for you (at the optometrist, lots of testing, etc.) and very expensive. So this way, I've had Lasik, will enjoy decades of perfect vision, and will just need some dollar-store reading glasses when I'm older.

    Also, the chances of going blind from Lasik are miniscule. The Dr. told me, "it's theoretically possible, if your doctor went insane or something. but it has never happened. the worst that could happen, generally speaking, is eye dryness which can be very uncomfortable but is treatable and manageable".

    I know someone who got the extreme dryness complication.... and she says the dryness she got from contacts was much worse.
  11. The center that did my surgery has a lifetime guarantee.. so if for some reason your vision gets worse years down the line, they will correct it for free.
  12. Me too. But iirc, they can't make corrections for age-related vision loss. Of course that's just what I remember, I may be wrong, so check with your Dr.
  13. Yes I could be wrong as well, but for anyone else considering Lasik this would be a good thing to bring up. :smile: The surgery counselor said that as long as I keep up with my yearly checkups at the regular optometrist's, I will qualify for any future vision corrections needed.
  14. Yeah, that's convinced me about how great it would be to get it done. I always tell my friends how lucky they are to have naturally good eyesight and they're like "yeah, whatever, I like glasses". :faint:
  15. They did tell me that I would probably need readers once I hit my late 40's and 50's. However, I think that it just depends on your look on it. To me, it was more about not worrying about glasses/contacts for the next 15+ years and being able to take naps without my eyeballs feeling horrible afterwards. I love that I no longer have to worry about contacts and solutions and what not.

    The place that I went to is a private doctor, and he has been recognized world wide. He also has published books, does tons of research and have spoken in Washington on the benefits of lasik. If you need his name, send me a pm and I'll give you his information.