Lasik ...aaaahhh

  1. Had mine 3 years ago too. Best money I spent.
  2. Not that I noticed. I was really careful after surgery to use the drops all the time, though. I am not so careful on an ongoing basis, so that may have made a difference. For me, not staring at a computer monitor all day has made the biggest impact on my moisture level, much more than surgery.
  3. Thank you for your reply! And I'm happy for you that your don't have to stare at a computer all day anymore. I'm working on changing my career so I can say the same about me in a year or two :tup:
  4. Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for (or against!) laser eye surgery doctors or practices in Manhattan, based on your experiences?

    My eyesight (nearsighted, slight astigmatism) hasn't changed in about 6 years now, and I'm seriously considering getting the surgery since my eyes are becoming less tolerant of contacts. I've also been told by opticians that my prescription is in the "LASIK sweet spot" - apparently because it's bad enough for LASIK to be worth it, but not so bad that the procedure might run into problems?

    But i don't know anyone who has had laser eye surgery in the area, and I'm terrified of picking a doctor at random when it's so important to get this done well. I'm one of those people who always checks yelp when I try a new restaurant, and this is a much bigger decision so I want to make sure I go to a good doctor!! TIA :smile:
  5. I never did end up getting it done- I went as far as to schedule the date and couldn't do it. I googled it constantly and found lots of stories of it going badly. One can never know how your eyes will turn out- Kathy Griffin had a mess of a time with her eyes, and reading about it scared me very much. Im afraid my vision won't be as clear as it is with contacts and that my up close vision will readjust poorly. Just scared. However- I do think I have GPC in one eye, and wearing my contacts has gotten to be unbearable at times. I'm still thinking of it, but still too scared.
  6. I can see myself doing that as well. I'm so so so over glasses and can barely tolerate contacts for a few hours, but I'm very worried about side effects after Lasik. It is very scary. I feel like even with a good doctor, it's a gamble :shrugs:
  7. For anyone hesitating at having the lasik done; i strongly recommend you just go and do it. It took me over a year to get the courage to go for it. I had mine done in January this year and it was honestly the most simple, easy, pain-free, quick and surprisingly relaxing thing i've ever had done. If I had to go back to correct anything in the next few years I wouldn't mind at all. It lasted about eight minutes and I could see beautifully after a few hours. They give you some pills to relax/calm you beforehand and I think that really helps also. Although it does differ from person to person, I had no side effects or probelms at all. I did use drops for a few weeks but now I don't need them anymore.
    Best money i've ever spent and I couldn't recommend it more.

    Whoever decides to do it, best of luck :smile:
  8. hi all,

    just had intralase done, does anyone know how to clean oily eyelids properly to prevent the oil from going into your eyes? i cant clean my eyelids with water obviously, but i dont know how to do it otherwise without disturbing the corneal flap... when i swipe a cotton ball on my eyelids i can feel the corneal flap being touched, as it is sensitive now.
    any input??
  9. What ultimately kept me from not going through with it is not fear of the procedure itself, it's that every person is different and can have different results afterwards. Everyone's eyes have different dryness levels and unique topographies, etc; each type of machine is a bit different.... There is not a guarantee of 100% satisfaction with sight and comfort after the fact. Any surgery one willingness puts oneself through is a risk, and for me, at this point, I'd rather not take it.
  10. When you're cleaning your lower lid, look upwards. When you're cleaning the upper lid, look downwards. :smile:

  11. oooh thanks for the tip! makes total sense :smile:
  12. Pleasure =)
  13. K I scheduled my lens replacement surgery, but I think I am chickening out. Anyone had this procedure done.
  14. For those with dry eyes after surgery, you might want to try a punctal plug. It basically plugs your tear duct so that the tears can't drain and increases the level of moisture in your eyes. You can try a temporary punctal plug first to see if you like it and then go for a permanent plug after.
  15. bump.

    i am considering LASIK. i have my first appointment this weekend to see if i am a candidate....kind of grossed out about the idea of the flap and am considering prk because of it....i am scared of getting animal hair, fuzz, dust, dirt under the flap...should i wear goggles when at home to prevent that? how long does it take the flap to fully heal or heal to the point that it's ok if something gets into your eye? also, though i could wear glasses all day i try not to even though my vision is blurry. do you think i will get headaches from perfect vision 24/7 since I'm not used to seeing clearly that often?? my Rx is a -1.75