Lasik ...aaaahhh

  1. I had PRK four weeks ago tommorrow. If anyone has questions, please ask.
  2. I'd love to hear about your experience with PRK! Did you chose it over Lasik because you were not a candidate or for a different reason?

    I would love to have my vision corrected surgically, but I am afraid I will not be a candidate for Lasik. I have to wait a few years anyway, since I have some other medical issues to resolve first.
  3. Pm'ed you! I talked to two people at work today who had it at a The Laser Center location, so I'm going to make a consultation appt there as well :smile:
  4. Sorry guys, I will respond to questions here and the PMs I have rec'd. It's been a busy week - just started a new job on Monday - and I have not had time to type it all out.
  5. I had my consultation today at a local eye center, and the doctor said I am a candidate for LASIK and PRK would be the best procedure also. I'm going to TLC in a week and a half for a consultation from them, too, and to see what different benefits getting LASIK done with them versus somewhere nearby would have.
  6. Had my second opinion today at a TLC location. I felt a lot more confident about the location than the first. However, I have more and more concerns.

    For those of you who have gotten it done, do you feel that your vision is as crisp and clear as it was with contacts/glasses?

    Have you lost the crispness you had with your up-close vision? I know this happens with age, but anyone who immediately noticed they couldn't see as well close up right after the procedure?

    I truly torn. I have my appt scheduled for July 6 but am so scared.
  7. Did you end up getting lasik?

    I am also constantly going back and forth about it in my mind (hence the bumping of this thread ;)). I haven't even had a consultation yet, because I am so unsure.

    I would still love to hear about your experience when you have an extra moment. I hope you're liking your new job :tup:
  8. i've had lasik done 3 yrs ago and my vision is still very sharp. The only 'side effects' i find is that my "very near vision" i.e when i see things about 2-3 inches away from me, it's no longer so quick or easy to focus. this is anyway a minor issue as we're not supposed to look at things so near to our eyes anyway.
  9. Yep, I also had my LASIK done about 3 years ago and my vision is still at 20/20. Amazing.
  10. I had mine done over 12 years ago -- unsure exactly how many years, since it's been so long. I would do it again in a SECOND! Still 20/20. My eyes are dry, so my contacts were soooo uncomfortable, and this was such a relief.

    It did hurt more than I expected immediately afterward, but I went home, took Tylenol, napped, and woke up to great vision. I still remember turning on the tv and being able to read the ticker at the bottom of CNN right away with no glasses!
  11. 12 years, that's great! I also have dry eyes and I'm worried it will get worse after LASIK. That's a big reason why I haven't done it already. Did your dry eyes get worse at first?
  12. It's been 13 months since I had lasik, wow that went fast! My vision is perfect. I just have to remember to be kind to my eyes and use drops.
  13. Thanks for the update! That sounds heavenly :tup:

    Can you explain what you mean by being kind to your eyes? Not too much reading/computer work? Also, did you have dry eyes before or did it come from the surgery (assuming your eye drops are for dry eyes)?

    Thank you!
  14. I have to remember to keep lubricating my eyes with drops. Sometimes I forget but as long as I remember to put in drops a couple of times a day I'm good. It doesn't help that I sit in front of a computer 8-12 hours a day for work.

    To be honest I had such irritated eyes with my contact lenses before the surgery that it's hard to tell if the dryness was always there or is a product of the surgery. It's not very bad though, much better thant he gritty red eyes I had while wearing contacts!
  15. Thank you for your reply! I understand about the irritation from contacts. I have can barely tolerate them for 4 hours per day, so I only wear them for working out and then take them out before work or at work. Blah.

    Glad to read you are so happy with your results!