Lashes extensions?? Have you guys tried them

  1. Hey gals i had a question i did my lash extensions ( in those nail places) well they are beautiful and i soo used to them but i have been doing them since oct 8 and some people have told me oh your lashes are going to fall and all that well. YEs that kinda has happened. I just want to know if some of you gals have gone through what i have gone thru and also how long does it take to let them come back to their normal ways ? I hope i can relate. Please share .. im a tad worried. I dont want to look like a freak. And i have them now short but after this time i wont have any lash extensions, but i dont want to look like a freak on the holidays. Also advice thank you again for reading.
  2. what do they do exactly? just apply falsies and glue then to your eyes? if thats the case I have done them at home.

    Im interested in the ones that last for months.
  3. I had one. Couldn't get used to it coz you're not supposed to scratch/rub your eyes at all. The glue also burned my eyes, I hate it.

    I'll stick to mascara from now on.
  4. Hello! I'm new here.

    I have eyelash extensions. Your natural lashes have a lifespan of about 1-2 months, so when they fall out, your extensions that are glued to them will fall off with them. You shouldn't really end up with bald spots unless you're pulling the lashes out somehow. If your lashes fell out on their own, don't worry, it's normal for that to happen and they'll grow back.

    Jahpson - They glue individual lashes to your natural ones with waterproof glue. I think it lasts about 1-2 months, and then you need a refill.

    Sarah - I think it was the glue your technician used. I've heard about it burning for a few people, and it sounds like it happens when they use a bad glue that doesn't dry properly.
  5. I got lash extensions a few months ago and they lasted for about a month. I don't recommend them for anyone who has straight lashes however. It's weird to have super long lashes that are as straight as diving boards. (You cannot curl the extensions) I think I'll just stick to mascara and falsies because I have naturally long and curled lashes.
  6. Thank you so much for answering my question, guess I should only get it for special occasions
  7. thanks for sharing everyone.

    i will try one day
  8. I got eyelash extensions done at a nail salon for $15. They use the individual lashes with some special glue . suppose to last about 2 weeks. they are a little uncomfortable since i can't rub my eyes and have to be careful when in shower/water/steam. etc.

    but i love how i don't have to wear any mascara or eyeliner cuhz it looks like i already have em on.

    these eyelash extensions done by nail salon for cheap price is different than the ones you get done at salons for +$100, where they glue one single eyelash at a time with medical glue.
  9. i do ( as in apply ) false eyeleashes made of human hair for $25 . i have had this business on the side for a few months now. they completely transform a person's face . i wear them myself.
  10. So - do they just fall out on their own, or do you have them professionally removed?
  11. They usually fall off when you shower, wash your face, etc. but they do also fall out when the natural lash it is glued to falls out.
  12. i'm scared of getting lash extensions for the reason that when the lash extensions fall out sometimes so does your natural eyelashes! i treasure my eyelashes too much since i dont have a ton of them.
  13. had them too...
    they were sooo pretty but so hard to maintain...
    specially if you are used to washing and scrubbing your face with soap and water...
    and when the extensions started falling off after a few weeks,,,
    I did look weird LOL!
    had uneven long and short lashes!
    you are supposed to have them filled in again when this happens
    but I was done with them... so had to go through that funny looking stage.

    so if I wanna have great looking eyelashes next time...
    I think I'll stick with the Shuemura false eye lashes...
    very pretty too without all the fuss of maitenance.
  14. Great advice ladies. I was thinking about getting the lash extensions this weekend but based on this thread - i think I'll pass.

    I wear contacts everyday so not only will that cause me to touch them, but also washing my face everynight and morning. I think I'll save my $200.