Lash Fusion Mascara

  1. I got an e-mail about this new mascara. I will go check it out at Sephora!

  2. That looks too good to be true! LOL! Please let us know what you think, especially if stays on and doesn't smudge.
  3. yay!! stef is in scottsdale too :smile:
  4. Let me know if you want to go shopping sometime!
  5. :biggrin: I do!! I'm usually free on the weekends :smile:
  6. Has anyone tried this? How is it compared to the other ones that are in the ads for it like diorshow, maybelline? thanks.
  7. I've tried it, but I still like Dior Show better. It was not as volumizing or as lengthening as Dior Show. Don't waste your money!
  8. They were pushing it at Sephora. When I asked the manager what her best selling mascara was .... Diorshow.

    It is way too expensive.
  9. fusion beauty sent lash fusion for all sephora employees. i got it free and i still won't wear it. it looks AWSOME on and you literally see your lashes growing before your eyes, but by the end of the night all of the fibers are in your eyes and you're in pain and have to wash for face. every girl in my store had this problem. we also got in lash injection from too faced. another awsome one, maybe even better than fusion and half the price, but this is one of those mascaras that comes off in tubes, which i hate, it takes forever to get off. the new hot mascara is by lorac, it's supposed to stay on for 3 days, i personally would hate that... i haven't tried it myself but alot of girls in my store are raving over it. benefit also came out with badgal blue which makes your eyes look really white. my personal favs are still dior show (nothing can beat the formula) and benefit's get bent mascara (which lengthens, volumizes, and gives you such an amazing curl you can throw away your shu umera).

    oh and everyone needs to be on the lookout for dior show BLACKOUT! it is 10 times blacker than the original show, which who would think that's even possible? but it is, they showed us bottles of each next to eachother. that's going to be limited edition, same price, and sell out probbaly in a week. look for that in march at sephoras.
  10. Thanks for your review kristyn311. I still want to try this. I wish they gave out samples of this since it is pricey.
  11. Wow - thanks krstyn311. I purchased the Lashfushion and I will be returning it. I have not used it, but based on your review - it is going back. I really appreciate your information and look forward to your other posts

    :smile: Madeline