LASH BLAST covergirl...

  1. So I finally tried it and was sadly underwhelmed. Just wanted to hear if it worked for anyone else...

    p.s. it's on sale at CVS this week if anyone is still searching for it.
  2. yeah i finally got my hands on this and was underwhelmed as well-it's not a horrible mascara, but it's by no means great i paid nearly $10 for it :wtf:
  3. ^^Yeah, and the HYPE was HUGE. Oh well, sigh..
  4. I saw this today and it was calling me by name... glad I ignored the calling! Thanks for posting your reviews.
  5. ^^No problem. I actually returned mine (both of them) to CVS today. At least they have a good return policy!
  6. Aww, too bad it didn't work out for you. I'm almost out of my Dior and I was hoping to find something a little less expensive. I still may give it a try and take it back if it doesn't work for me.
  7. I like it, its not HG, but it is kind of fun in a weird way. CG's Super Thick Lash and Professional are better (for volume) IMO
  8. Here's a trick that I used to make this stuff into my new HG mascara:
    Put MAC Prep+Prime Lash on first (or any mascara base). THEN put on the Lash Blast mascara...WOW!!!
  9. For me it made my eyes burn, usually it's just "Waterproof" mascara that does that. If it didn't cause the burn I might have kept it as an everyday/daytime mascara. But I just couldn't handle the burning. :sad:
  10. I remember wanting to try this just because Drew barrymore is so cute :biggrin:
    I never tried it..although I did buy some volume exact for fun a few weeks ago. It works well but I rarely use it. I don't really need mascara actually since my lashes are really long and curled naturally. I just love mascara though. I buy new mascara whenever I see some. :biggrin:
  11. b, sorry to hear it caused your eyes to burn. that's awful!

    i normally use diorshow. i was curious about lash blast and since it was only $6, i gave it a try. for the price, i thought it was a good mascara. i liked how it separated the lashes, no clumps. however, it definitely won't be replacing my diorshow.
  12. It made my eyes burn, too. The first time I used it I just thought I was tired, but after the second time I knew it was the mascara. Unusual, since I generally don't have a problem with that. I, too, use Diorshow and while it is a little clumpier for me than some others it is also the best for results (I just use a lash comb).