laser virtual keyboard

  1. i remember hearing about this years aog and i still think it's incredibly cool (although i'm not sure how useful it is for me since my laptop goes everywhere with me)


    apparently it's only a little bigger than a matchbook and the device laser-projects a full-sized keyboard on any flat surface... i guess it's main purpose is for composing e-mails on your PDA or Cell Phone (bluetooth enabled of course)

    now if only it's tiny size came with an equally tiny price (its $180.....not too bad but not really a bargain either :sad2:.....and of course it's sold out....the story of my life)
  2. Where did you find that? It's really neat.
  3. I'm not into tech stuff, besides for my cam, but I really like it. Too bad it's solf out. I hope you get one fast.
  4. lol im' actually thinking of buying myself a PDA just so i can use it with sad am i :blink:
  5. Oh! I saw this a while ago on TechTV. If you get one, please tell us how well it works. It seems like it might have many bugs to it...
  6. ^^^You actually could use a PDA, though. So, it's not too sad. hehe Just don't let it cut into your purse money. ;)
  7. The concept is interesting, but I'm wondering how it would actually feel in terms of long term usage. I'd imagine your fingers would get pretty tired from typing down on a flat, non responsive surface (e.g. table).
  8. That's really cool.
  9. That's pretty neat. *nods
  10. Interesting-:blink:
  11. Very neat! I think I saw something similar on one of those CSI-type shows (did anyone else see it too? they were able to find that a certain letter had a lot of fingerprints and found out the girl was giving away company secrets, I can't recall the show though) and thought it was so awesome! I still think it's pretty cool.
  12. That's pretty cool, I so want one for my PDA. :lol:
    I wonder how well it works on uneven surfaces, though.
  13. Cool idea. Not sure how I'd deal with not feeling the keys.
  14. I saw this on CSI Miami and it looked so awesome!!!