Laser Treatment on Stretch Marks


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Nov 5, 2014
Never did try laser treatment. But, I did find a good cream for my marks after pregnancy. The reason that people say a product doesn't work is because they read good reviews of how a product worked quickly and well for others. Every situation is different. The best practice is to treat stretch marks right away. Be consistent and patient and the marks will lighten and fade.

I had success with Excel Skin Care's Premium Stretch Mark cream. The bulk main ingredient for most creams is cocoa butter and than other added. This product has Darutoside and Matrixy two top ingredients I haven't seen elsewhere. I purchased this on Amazon.


Nov 25, 2014
actually, it depends on skin type.
although, clinic has good skill to remove stretch marks,, in my case it was not work well..
I cannot said its good,, but better than before,, but it is not much dramatic :sad: