laser treatment for sun/age spots or moles

  1. For those of you who wants to get rid of sun/age spots or moles you should looking into laser treatment.

    I had my spots and moles removed with laser by my DR. and you can't even tell that they were ever there. I would recomend having it done by a doctor instead of getting it done at a beaty salon.

    The procedure only takes a second for each spot and it does hurt a little bit. It's like getting a quick burn by a pen. The spots will scab and when it falls off you will be left with new skin without the spots or moles. Dark spots or moles might take a few procedure to have it completly dissapear but you will see it start fading after the first procedure.
  2. Yep, I had laser treatment twice. I have to admit HURTS!!! I know it may be just a few seconds on each spot..but boy o boy.... however, it all pays off in the end! Nice n clean..blemish free face! :girlsigh:
  3. How much does it cost? I have a few spots...
  4. It was about 300.00 in Canada. I don't know how much is it in the U.S. I think it really depends on your location. I hear it cost over a 1000.00 usd in Hong Kong to get the same procedure done.

    I think it's really worth it. I am 30 and I have a few minor spots but I can't stand seeing it on my face so I was willing to pay anything to get rid of it. It was scary at first when you are waiting for the scabs to fall.
  5. I had the red veins lasered off of my nose about a month ago. It hurt a lot, but only for a second and was definitley worth it. I'm going back next month for a whole face laser treatment to get rid of little, itty bitty veins and sun spots.

    My nose only cost $100 and they estimated my whole face would be $400.

    My dermatologist's laser doesn't remove moles, though. That's such a shame too because those are my most annoying features.
  6. I tried it once for few minutes until I paniced - it was too painful to me:shame:

    I was hoping to get rid of some couperosa kind of tiny veins in my face but I just couldn't take it anymore and I begged them to stop :lol: What a shame, it seems to be very efficient procedure
  7. I am interested in doing this as well. Did you have scabs on your face for very long?

  8. The scabs usually fall off within a week...mine did. Make sure you protect your new skin from the sun...UV protect everything!
  9. So really, how much does it hurt? Is it like getting a shot? Also how much does it cost? i.e. is the cost per hour/time - or per incident? Also how can I find some one to do this?

  10. It felt like a really big rubber band snapping on my skin. The nose is the most sensitive spot. My dermatologist performed it. Not sure how the pricing works -- but I think it is based on the amount of areas you have done (whole face, just nose, just chin, etc).
  11. I had this done a few weeks ago. It cost $450 here in NJ. There is still one spot I think he has to zap again when I go back for my checkup. Otherwise, I think it worked beautifully. He did several spots/areas on my face and a little red vein under my nose. Most of the spots were barely noticeable to begin with, and I really wanted it done for the one dark spot and the little red vein. It did sting and burn during and afterwards. My face kind of throbbed for an hour or two afterwards. They gave me an icepack to put on for a while. I had to put ointment on the spots for a few days too. I looked terrible the day after, but it got progressively better day by day. The scabs came off after 4-5 days. I think it was well worth the money. I will do it again in a second if I ever have to. I’m also going to wear sunscreen religiously from now on.
  12. Has anyone had this done under the eye area? I have two spots underneath my left eye that I cannot stand. Not sure if that it can be treated there since it is such a sensitive spot. This is really useful info!
  13. I had one under my eye removed with laser...but the one in the fold of my upper eyelid I had to get surgically scraped off. Why don't you schedule for a consultation and see what best treatment options are available for your case? :yes:
  14. Any particular name for this treatment so I would know what to ask the dermatologist.
  15. My Dermatologist called it "laser sunspot removal."