Laser Treatment for Rosacea/Flushing of the face....??

  1. Has anyone had any laser treatments for Rosacea or Flushing of the face or facial viens??

    What kind did you use?
    How many treatments did it take?
    How often do you have to redo it?

    (I've went to multiple dermatologist one says i have the symptoms of minor rosacea, and another doctor says I dont so........:shrugs: )

    but either way I'm going to go get treatment for it so I dont have to deal with having a red face during the summer....

  2. I'm quite fair and have mild Rosacea. Hot showers and red wine make my cheeks really burn, so I avoid both. An esthetician recommended laser, but I didn't want to go to her because she said that she used the machine, not a doctor and I didn't trust her.

    I went to a dermatologist, and I can't remember which machine was used, but it was very expensive. More expensive than what I would have paid at the esthetician's.

    I just wanted it to be a little less red, so I only went twice, although the doctor said four times would be the most effective. She only did my cheeks.

    I swelled up after. It was so bizarre looking! I stayed swollen for almost 2 weeks, but apparently that is not very common. Supposedly the swelling goes down for most people in a day or two.

    I may go back one day and do it again, but I'm not in a rush to do so.
  3. oh no...that sound horrible.......did your flushing stop??
  4. ^^ No. Flushing never, ever stops, although we can try and avoid the stimulants that cause it. Such as wind, sun, wine, spicy foods hot drinks, caffeine... whatever is a trigger.
  5. I have similar symptoms; just a mild case of rosacea...I got that IPL laser (3 treatmts), which really hurts in sensitive spots & ultimately didn't help at all! Have you tried Prosacea? It helps a little, I saw an improvemt on contact! It's $10 & can be found at most major drugstores (First Aid section). let me know if that helps you.:yes:
  6. Photofacials are supposed to take care of Rosacea. Definitely something to check out!!
  7. I have had laser for blue veins, spider veins and a bit of rosacea.Make sure that you di in fact have rosacea and not fine broken capillaries. I was a mild case except for the amount of finely broken cappilaries (1000 pulses the Dr. said in one treatment)

    IPL did wonders for the general redness and rosacea. The lasers worked on my veins too! Best $500 I ever spent.
  8. I have Rosacea and tiny broken blood vessel on my cheeks a little and I was thinking about laser but I heard it makes your whole face peel of or something God awful LOL! I'm chicken!
  9. Not all lasers are alike! The IPL and Photofacial treatments have zero downtime! Just makes you a little pink after treatment, but it's not the kind of facial that is for taking off the top layer of your skin. Photofacial is attracted to pigment and zaps it. Will eventually sluff off. My SO had age spots removed from his hands with it. I had broken capillaries around my nose removed with it.
  10. Ooohhh! That's good to know! I am seeing my derm in a few weeks and will definately discuss it.
  11. Lasers for Rosacea do not make you peel. Not even a little bit. Puffy and swollen for a bit, but no peeling!
  12. SHUSHOPIN!!!!! UPDATE US!!!! anyone else......?

    I do have broken viens on my face but listen to my dilema...

    a while back I was diagnosed with eczema and so i was using coricosteriod cream and i guess I over used it and it caused my skin to thin out...(what doc said)

    and so there is where the flushing comes in...and I dont want to use corticosteriod anymore so I've started using heavy cream....

    NOW i dont know if its the cream that gives me little baby zits (not even its like a small red bump) or IT could be the ON SET of rosacea..........

  13. Miss V - It sounds more like an allergic or sensitivity reaction.

    Did anyone else with rosacea - have the same problems when young: no matter how fit, face always bright when exercising? Easy to peg as lying because face would flush -- So embarrassing!!
    And now in the midst of menopause I find that uncontrollable flush coming back to redden my face!
  14. I had my first IPL treatment about 4 days ago at a medispa.

    I have red cheeks and small broken capillaries around my nose.
    The beautician charged me AUD100 to do my nose and cheeks.

    I can already see a significant reduction in redness and I had no after-effects at all!

    She told me I will need about 3 goes to remove the redness and then maybe 2-3 times a year for maintenance and collagen production.

    IPL is the best!!
  15. IPL won't make you peel but it IS a scary and painful treatment!