Laser Resurfacing, Dermabrasion, Scar Removal

  1. What is the BEST solution to getting rid of acne scars, age spots, or just hyperpigmented areas in general?

    I've done chemical peels before and heard that there isn't really anything that works great. Anyone get a specific type of laser resurfacing done like fraxel? My main problem is acne scars on the forehead.

    Suggestions? I'd do anything. . .:sad:

    Or any top cosmetic dermatologists in the new york/new jersey area you would recommend?
  2. Try going to the "Yes They're Fake" forum and posting either on the skin care board or plastic surgery board. You will have to register in order to post, but they have a lot of experienced posters on your subject.
  3. Thanks shanam, I will do that. I really hoping for a miracle here.
  4. I recommend microdermabrasion. I've had this done for sun spots, and it worked wonderfully well, and I didn't have any redness or pealing, so I could easily go to work the very next morning and have meetings per usual. I've had laser treatments to remove broken capillaries, which also worked well. I've never had these treatments to remove scars, but if you go in for a consult, the Dr. will tell you the best treatment for you.
  5. I've done microdermabrasion(sp?) for my acne scars...but since i still have acne i need to get it done to touch it up! I've also done chemical peels...same result...still have acne...*sigh*
  6. So is the consensus that microdermabrasion is the best solution to acnes scars? I also read that using any form of lasers is unaffective b/c it is more for roscea and broken caps but does nothing for scars.
    What else are you doing for those pesky scars?
  7. Hyperpigmentation, including age spots, can be greatly helped with Laser Photofacial treatment. My SO and I are living proof.

    Fraxel irritates the dermal layer (similar to a sunburn) and gets it to produce more collegen. The result is smoothing and firming of saggy, wrinkly skin. My older SO has this done but I don't need it. No wrinkles yet at 40!

    Sorry, I have no answer for acne scars other than filling them with a dermal filler like Restylane.
  8. Intense pulsed light is supposed to be good. Look into it, too.

    My esthetician told me that microderm wouldn't help indented acne scarring. Don't know if you're talking about discoloration or indented scarring, but they would be treated differently in some cases, I think.
  9. I have scars on each cheek, i started using Vit C serum, buit ....I dunno if it will work.
  10. I've been getting Fotofacials done to help get rid of sun damage from when i was a kid and freckles on my cheeks and nose....its helped a lot. They're a lot lighter than they if only they'll go away completely before my wedding :wish:
  11. I am getting Fraxel Laser treatment done in May for my acne scars, I can keep you posted
  12. Hi,

    I got many acne scar on my cheek area. my skin is combination skin.
    oil/normal i think but not dry. anyway can someone give me an advice on how to clear out my acne scars?

    a friend told me to apply crushed cucumber + few drops of lemon unto my face.
    can someone give me other advice on acne scars?

    bit of background:
    i'm 22 male, never had acne problem before...
    the outbreak happened recently (6-7 months ago)
    so if this bit of info could help
    if this is too much of info/irrelevant please disregard this

  13. For fresher scars, I think Mederma works.
    Since these are quite old, I suggest using some masks such as Queen Helen's Mint Julep Mask (green and white bottle) along with some aspirin too. (check out some other threads regarding the aspirin mask) You can also apply Palmer's Cocoa butter with Vitamin E. It 'smoothes marks and tones skin'.
  14. retinoids (by prescription) helps a lot.
    mama lotion (google it)
    wearing suncreen is very important too
    chemical peels
  15. thanks alot for the info.