Laser Neutering...Opinions Please

  1. After much thought, I finally decided to get my Chihuahua neutered. I never realized the health benefits of getting him fixed. He's 4 and got his check-up today. He's healthy and is scheduled to get neutered in 2 weeks. The veterinarian gave me two options. I can get him neutered the scalpel way or with a laser. It's going to cost $65 to get him neutered and if I decided to use the laser, it's an additional $86. Money is no object, I love my baby and want him to be as comfy as possible. I know the laser is less abrasive, there's less bleeding and swelling. This laser procedure is new to me and all my other fur babies have only had the scalpel way with no problems at all. I would love to hear opinions, especially from those that had their animals neutered/spayed using the laser procedure. TIA :flowers:
  2. I did not do the laser option. But, my dog was recently neutered. He didn't have any swelling or bleeding after he was released. The only issue was he kept trying to lick his stitches. I don't think he was truly uncomfortable, b/c he was running and playing like normal, after two days or so. At first, he was very groggy, but he was also on medication.

    The cost for the laser seems very low, I'd do it if it was less invasive/would cause less discomfort! My neuter was about 120 something for the traditional way!