Laser Hair Removal in NYC

  1. Last week was my 3rd session at Pulse for my underarms. I've been sticking with Monica, but everyone there seems very nice and knowledgable.
  2. oops, jsut noticed your answer, thank you! I have found two salons that have those lasers, but they dont use them for hair removal..odd..
  3. Hi there Im in Syracuse NY now, and Im interested of getting LHR, I went for a quote and They gave me a quote of 2,550 for underarm, bikini , and full legs do you guys think thats reasonable enough? Thanks for your thoughts thats actually for 8 treatments each parts and with 12 weeks interval, with 3 years guarantee!
  4. After waiting forever and a day, I finally scored a Groupon at the place I had a consultation with in the summer. I start my procedures (you need 6) next week :happydance::yahoo:. Getting underarms and bikini done.

    I am going to Pulse Laser. Priscilla whom I had a consult with is no longer there, but Monica who did my test patch is who I will stick with. So excited!!
  5. Did you ladies use numbing cream? If so, which brand
  6. I didn't. Pulse is having another Groupon at the moment. It just hurts when you go around or during your period. The tech side that the armpits hurt the most but the session goes by in less than 3 mins! And Jennifer is really nice too.
  7. Has anyone ever lasered the back of their neck? I'm not very hairy and I'm blonde but I hate my hairline - it grows down to the middle of the neck. I shaved it a couple times but stylists always yell at me to leave it alone but I hate it.
  8. Had my first underarm and bikini session today. No pain whatsoever, and I did not use numbing cream. Feels like putting a stinging medicine on your body. Monica at Pulse rocks!

    So excited to be done with all 6 sessions in time for my vacation
  9. it completely depends on the skills of derm. If your derm is competely reliable then it will be fine with her/ him. There are other places where you can search high skilled derm. newlookskincenter is a fine site for that
  10. Had my last session (unser arms and bikini) on Friday :yahoo::happydance:

    Now I just need to save up the money to get my full legs and arms done :pout:
  11. I go to Sensual Aesthetic in Midtown. Dr.Mohebban is superb. At most laser places, the procedure is done by aestheticians, But I prefer to work with a doctor.
  12. for ladies who've had treatments done, how long does it take to see results? I have a Tria at home, and did a few sessions, am seeing some results, but not nearly what I was hoping.
  13. i dont know
  14. Doing some research on the Tria myself.

    If you don't mind, what skin tone and hair color do you have?
  15. Started December 2012 finished August 2013 (6 sessions). Saw results by 3rd session, but definitely needed session 4-6.