Laser for Acne/Acne Scars?

Nov 28, 2006
Hi everyone,

Has anyone or is anyone undergoing laser treatment for acne or acne scars?

What kind of laser therapy are you getting? How often do you have to go? And how long before you see results? What's your cost of treatment?

Any advice will be helpful. I'm getting tired of the zit creams and concealers.
i actually went to a plastic surgeon to ask him about getting rid of beauty marks and scars (chicken pox). he told me not to use laser surgery since it apparently causes alot of damage? but he recommended some method where he basically scrapes/shaves it off. i didn't really understand what he meant by that. but since its probably not covered by insurance he said it'd be $500-600 for the whole face. i hope it helps? if not, ask a plastic surgeon or someone equally qualified :yes:
I've not had it done myself but I remember reading somewhere that it feels like having millions of elastic bands flicked against your skin. I don't know the name of any companys that do it but maybe you could try searching for ones in your area and checking out their website? They might offer some info on there about the amount of sessions you need etc.