1. Great. Now I'm craving lasagna!:lol:

  2. Oh no, not you too. :biggrin:
    How's everything? Are you able to eat something like lasagna? A light veggie one maybe?
  3. I'm cooking one tonight. You're welcome to come over :p
  4. ^Yum! :graucho: I really need to try to make a lasagna with eggplant, especially after seeing that program with Bobby Flay. I don't like the taste of eggplant, but I should give it a try...
  5. Well, I cooked three trays of veggie lasagna last night. I'm going to enjoy eating it for breakfast lunch and dinner for two days. :greengrin:
  6. lasagna... love it....
  7. That's a very interesting thread, I'm always looking for advice on how to improve my lasagna. It's one of my favorite dishes, I use feta cheese and zucchini instead of meat though.
  8. ^That sounds really good!