Las Vegas

  1. Does anyone watch Las Vegas? James Caan was on there but I didn't see the episodes of when he left? Is he coming back? He was playing Dalinda's father.
  2. I watch it every Friday. As far as James Caan, he is not coming back. The new boss is now Tom Selleck aka Cooper in the show.
  3. I miss Caan but I dont mind how it is now. I got bored of the show and stopped watching it, but I just started up again and I did miss alot.

    What happened to Sam?

    I am glad that one girl is gone, Mary I think. I hate it when these girls blow their lips up like a blowfish its too distracting to watch. These Dr's that do this to these girls should be ashamed of themselves...sorry for the tangent LOL!
  4. I just read that they cancelled Las Vegas!!! How are we gonna find out what happened to Delinda's baby? UGH! I hate when they cancel a show without any closure. I really liked this show.
  5. :wtf:... Where did you see that they cancelled it?! I watch this show every friday! I miss mary on it (but not her new lips)... I also just read in a magazine that it was just over for 3 months or so. I guess till the new season.
  6. What???? Nooooooo. Las Vegas is Dh's and I's favorite Friday night show.
  7. NBC's "Las Vegas" Cancelled

    NBC keeps swinging the axe. After 5 seasons, Montecito is closing down for good. Is "Friday Night Lights" next on the chopping block?

    The show originally aired on Monday nights, but midway through season 3 (in early 2006) NBC successfully moved the series to lower-rated Fridays.

    Last summer James Caan, one of the original cast members, left the casino-centered drama. The studio replaced him with Tom Selleck.

    Despite the writers' strike, the cast and crew managed to film as many as 19 out of 22 episodes ordered.

    This season the ratings went down 8% (from 9.02 million the show averaged in its 4th season to the current average of 8.29 million).

    "Las Vegas" has already ended its run with a 2-hour episode last Friday.

  8. WHAT?!?! OH NOOO. ARE YOU SURE ITS CANCELLED? I love this show I cant believe its over... sad.
  9. I just watched the season finale on Nbc and I am so mad!! I can't believe they are canceling the show. The fans get no closure and they don't know what happens in the end. It was more of a cliffhanger than a series finale.
  10. I am bummed and don't want to believe it is really cancelled!!! I really liked this show. It was never really impressive, but never disappointing either. I enjoyed it just for what it was. I wish they didn't leave so many loose ends. Plus I love the town Las Vegas so it was nice to see a fun and fictional version of it each week.
  11. That's surprising! I thought it was pretty popular. I enjoyed watching it from time to time.
  12. I love that show! I think we are a little behind here in the Netherlands (the one where Danny's uncle shows up) but I can't believe they cancelled it. I thought it was kinda popular too.
  13. I thought the season finale kind of sucked (too much going on in one episode!), but I was looking forward to seeing what would happen with the weddings, the baby, etc...
  14. I kinda figured the show wouldn't get picked up next season...but what really infuriates me is taht NBC won't finish the season out! They only have 2 or three eps left to film, and NBC wants to pull the plug and be cheap and not finish it.

    They at least owe to the fans who've watched loyally for five years to give it a proper send off.

    Here is a link to sign a petition to finish the season out. also to donatemoney if you want. They are trying to send baby booties to NBC to finish the season....and the booties can be donated. I guess they deliverd a bunch of peanuts to cbs to save jericho and it who knows!

    Even if you did't watch the show, please sign the petition, because it could be yoru show next, or it might save your fave show from getting a crappy send off in the future.
  15. OMG I did not know they cancelled the show or that it was really even in trouble. I guess I could have figured it out from the fact the stupid writers strike cause it seems none of my shows came back...House was on for a few eps and Bones is nowhere to be seen....I am DEVASTED!!