Las Vegas Wedding... where?

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  1. Hello! I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Now I need some advice, and I am hoping those that live in Las Vegas can help me. My SO were planning to get married on this Sunday (New Year's Eve) @ Mandalay Bay. The problem is that no one is getting back to us, supposedly we have charges we haven't paid, we haven't been sent the right forms to pay them, I called to ask when I'm to be charged, etc... Both of us are fed up at this point, and just want to get married. Any recommendations? :yes:
  2. I cant help you since I dont live in Las Vegas and never got married there.... but....
    CONGRATS :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I wanted to get married in Vegas with a star trek theme. But my in laws are too traditional, so we did not end up doing it
  3. there are quite a few chapels on and off the strip in Vegas. We got married at the Little White WEdding Chapel. It cost us like $100 bucks- but that was like 7 year ago. There are some wedding packages that include a ride to the Recorders Office to get your marriage license and a simple dorky ceremony. It is very simple and be sure to take a camera!!!
  4. I am just bumping this for some info for you!! how EXCITING!!!! :yahoo:

    Congrats :love:
  5. I would love to get hitched in Vegas. My FH and I were considering it, but we have too many family and friends that would be peeved if they didn't get to see the "actual" wedding. But we are going to go there for our honeymoon.

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

  6. That's where my hubby and I got married about 8 yrs. ago:wlae:

    We didn't want a big wedding, so we bought a house instead:p

    Congrats and good luck to you. We had soooo much fun getting married in Vegas. Keep us all posted.
  7. CONGRATS!! Vegas is a great place to get married and it's a great date!! I am hoping to do it NYE next year. Mandalay Bay is beautiful too! If they won't get back to you though, there are TONS of other places to choose from:
    Las Vegas Weddings
  8. all I can think of is that so many couples book for new years eve that they are over booked. I vote that you go and just wait it out! people change their minds in vegas all the time and if its right, you will get married that evening or at the very least, have a wonderful romantic time.
  9. amen to small wedding, big house! we did the same thing!
  10. awww, congrats! Hopefully you can get marry New Year's eve.