Las Vegas Wedding/Eloping?!?!

  1. OK ladies I have posted tons of other wedding related threads...SO and I are trying to figure out what the heck we want as far as our wedding is concerned.

    My newest idea is to get married at the Ritz Carlton at Las Vegas Lake with about 6-12 people in attendance. That hotel has fabulous packages and it looks so pretty.

    Has anyone stayed at this hotel before? What were your impressions?

    Also, for those of you who eloped, any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!:yes:

    If you got married in Vegas, which hotel did you have your ceremony/reception in? Thanks soooo much!
  2. I think that sounds like a fabulous idea!!!

    My hubby and I got married at the Statosphere. They made the package sound much more exciting than it actually was; but, we really weren't going for a lot of bang.

    The Ritz Carlton is such a nice hotel that I am sure it will be fabulous - I have not stayed there, perhaps someone else has and can weigh in.

    Most of the hotels do "wedding" packages. I think the benefit to the Ritz's is that they are not a super-busy hotel, I have seen bridal parties at Paris and MGM and they always seem crowded and pushed - I would think the Ritz might be a little more private since the hotel is more swanky and less mass-gambling orientated.
  3. Well, I can't really add anything but DH & I eloped in Maui. Eloping was the best thing we could have ever done! Congrats~
  4. ^ooooh Maui would be beautiful!!

    Do you mind me asking your reasons for saying it was the best thing you could have ever done? I am just alittle apprehensive as to the whole eloping thing, so hearing positive things about it would be great! :smile:

  5. Everything was just so EASY...I know alot of brides want the wedding rush & hub-bub but not me. It was relaxing & I had nothing to think about except showing up. We hired a wedding planner & she had everything set up.. We drove to our ceremony location (a cliff overlooking the ocean) & there was the minister, photographer, videographer, our dinner after the ceremony was already arranged at the Hyatt. A table on a platform over a pool of water with swans swimming around~ breathtaking!

    We didn't invite anyone, it was just the 2 of us. My husband's parents are divorced & can't be in the same room together (15 years later:rolleyes: ) I wasn't about to go through all that mess & who we should invite, who gets left out with hurt feelings etc... It was just a day for us:heart: Then we spent the last 9 days enjoying our honeymoon. Maui is one of the most beautiful places ever.
  6. I've never stayed at that hotel but I've had a boss who did and had a fab vacation while there!
  7. I got married at the Bellagio. I would pick the same place & do it again.
    They made it so easy.
    I'm sure the Ritz will do a nice job. I came from a "lake state" & what is called a lake out there is backwater to me. If you've seen pictures & aren't expecting lake michigan, then you'll be fine. It is off the strip so its more low keyed. The other place off the strip that get alot of wedding traffic cause they do a beatiful job is the Marriott in Summerlin.
  8. We didn't elope but seriously thought about it. I "chickened" out, however. We were even going to go to Vegas! We've decided that for our 20th wedding year...we're going back to Vegas and renew our vows.

    I guess I have no real advice but Best Wishes to you and your Fiance!

  9. OMG we got married at Caesar's Palace in their outdoor gazebo and it WAS GORGEOUS. We had beautiful flowers, a great photographers/videographer and musicians. I think they were a harpist and something else!? We played renaissance type music. We even got a few pictures taken with the Julius Caesar, guards and cleopatra at the pool (which is FAB). Our wedding photos are sweet! LOL

    We even had them webcast it for those would couldn't be there! It was cheap too (I think like 4k!?!).
  10. That is EXACTLY what I want to do! :biggrin:
  11. It was awesome I highly recommend it! It was super romantic and fun at the same time!
  12. Congrats! But I would just elope! My dad also tells us to elope and save him and the relatives trouble and money of having to attend our wedding!!
  13. Thanks for all the info guys!!!

    It is seriously tempting...
  14. I've seriously thought about eloping, but if I was to get married in Vegas it would have to be in a little white chapel!
  15. I would either do the Wynn or the Ritz Carlton ;)

    But all of the Strip hotels are so neat! It would be hard to choose!!