Las Vegas was very kind!!!

  1. I just got back from Vegas today and just had to share with you all my great finds at the outlets there. I was the first in the store on Saturday and on Sunday and had a great time at both of the Coach outlets.

    I love all my new stuff. Just wish that I could carry it all at one time. :yahoo:
  2. Beautiful!! How much did you get the tote for?
  3. Thanks so much. My friends and husband were not so excited about my purchases but I knew that you all would be excited with me.

    It was 159.99. I couldn't pass it up since it was the last brown one left. It looked lonely.
  4. haha, we can't have a lonely bag now can we? I've always had a sweet spot for that bag. I'm heading to the outlet in birch run michigan next weekend. Hope I can get my hands on one!
  5. Wow!!! You got some amazing stuff!
  6. Oh wow you got that at an outlet? I so want that Legacy Stripe umbrella. **jellus** :smile:
  7. Wow! Great stuff!
  8. GREAT!! You found some really recent stuff for an outlets!

    And hey if the friends aren't excited, total it all up and tell them the retail price!:roflmfao:
  9. Wow! You really got some awesome stuff! It's all great! The green scarf is so pretty!
  10. The shoulder satchel - was the metallic leather scratched? Just wondering because the ones at the outlet here were all scratched (on the charcoal bags - the plums weren't as bad).
  11. eosgurl: Is that mini skinny from the legacy collection? Is the inside the striped material? It's so cute!
  12. Thanks everyone. You all are the best. I knew that you would understand the excitement of the outlet deals!!!

    The umbrella was the item that I could see from outside the door since I was standing there in 30 degree weather for over ten minutes. It was sitting on the counter and a couple of the SAs were looking at it. It was going to be a brawl if they put it back for themselves or something since I was already planning my attack of grabbing it and heading to the clearance area.

    The satchel was a little scratched in the metallic but it will just get worse the more I carry it. I just loved it and it was there alone too. I just can't leave the last of anything alone.

    The mini skinny is the gallery but I love that front pocket. It is something that I have been looking for.
  13. WOW, congratulations on the great loot from Vegas!!! You did great!! Love that white legacy shoulder bag.
  14. BEST HAUL! I've ever seen!! COngrats! I so want to go vegas right now!
  15. :wtf: :nuts: :drool: OMG, I seriously want every single thing in that picture! I'm hoping to make a trip to my nearest outlets in a few weeks but somehow I don't think I'll have as good luck as you had.

    I can't get over how gorgeous the charcoal satchel is. And the suede beaded tote...mmmmmmmmm! Ack, AND the white shoulder bag! Holy cow, I'm speechless.