Las Vegas Trip Advice

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  1. In November 2009 I won a 3 day 2 night stay at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. My prize expires March 31st, 2010.

    There's an event I want to attend on 2/27/10 in Las Vegas. I thought it would be perfect to use my prize so I call the Rio Hotel and ask if I could book a hotel 2/26, 2/27, and 2/28. An employee told me that there were no rooms available for 2/27-2/28 but she said that the dates 2/25, 2/26, & 2/27 were available.

    I'm having a tough time deciding what to do because the person I'm going with might have a problem getting the day off on February 25th.

    I don't know if I want to:

    1. Forfeit half the prize by canceling arriving on 2/25 and just arrive on 2/26 to just stay one night at the Rio and then pay for one night at another hotel. (I kind of feel bad forfeiting half the prize)

    2. Don't attend the event in Las Vegas but save the hotel stay for March. (But then I think then there really wouldn't be a point in going to Las Vegas since I have nothing to look forward to...)

    3. Just go ahead and use all of the prize and arrive on 2/25 regardless if the person I'm going with can or cannot get time off work. (This would mean going to the event by myself).

    I'd like to attend the event in Vegas AND use the prize at the same time so that I don't have to worry about using the prize because I won't even know if the person I'm going with can get time off work in March.

    Anyone have advice on what I should do?
  2. I'd go with the third option. Reason being:
    1) You don't even know if the person will be able to get time off in March.
    2) The event is not offered in March so you would be missing it if you went on a later trip, and it sounds fairly important to you.
    3) You really said it well here: "I think then there really wouldn't be a point in going to Las Vegas since I have nothing to look forward to..." about going on a later trip.

    If you don't take advantage of the full prize during the time for this event, and wait until March, the person you want to go with could easily not be able to go and then you've not only missed the event, plus time with them in Vegas.
  3. ^^ Agreed. First of all, see if the person you're going with can get those days off. If not, can they just meet you there whenever they can get off so that you both can still attend the event together? I have the same thing going on next week. My younger sister is turning 21 and we're leaving for Vegas on Thursday afternoon. We have others joining us, but a lot of them were unable to take time off from work, so they are leaving Friday night or Saturday morning. I think that would be the best case scenario for you. Hope it all works out! Congrats on the free trip btw! That's awesome! I hear the Rio has an incredible buffet too so we're hitting that up. Haha!