LAS VEGAS tips - questions - advice!

  1. I haven't used them but they have an excellent reputation. I definitely don't think you'd have any problems with tickets if you purchased from them. I just saw an ad for KA tickets starting at $55 but I have no idea if that was with a hotel purchase or not. Their info should be on the MGM website.
  2. K girls! :smile:

    We are going to be in Vegas for one week around labor day! We will be at the Encore.

    I booked already: night flight over the strip, flight with landing to the Grand Canyon and back incl over Lake and Hoover, trip to MVG (yep, we are from Europe and all guns are permited so that is our only chance to lay hands on some), tickets to XS and Tryst for Labor Day Parties

    Furthermore we wanna got to the Mob Museum, the CSI Experience at MGM and maybe see a show with last min tickets.
    And of course see all the hotels.

    What else?

    And is there a Hollister on the strip? Cauz I need to get some Hollister things for friends.
  3. Just a word on the CSI Experience - make sure you get one of the half off or two for one tickets. There are books all around Vegas (you should be able to get one in the airport) and I think they are called Vegas Live?? Just little coupon books that have coupons and show listings in them. At any rate, we did the CSI Experience and it is so not worth paying full price. I thought it was going to be a lot more sophisticated than it actually was. It was okay to do once and with a coupon, but DH and I will likely never visit it again.
  4. Thanks a lot! Good to know!
    I will keep that in mind or skip the tour in case I wont find the coupons!
    Cauz I love that CSI Serial on TV and probably would be dissapointed cauz my hopes for the experience are/were pretty high... So big thanks!
  5. hi all! i'm going to vegas with bf and a few friends the week of oct 5th-7th and I have this voucher from Rue LaLa that gives me a $250 credit towards a hotel anddddd i need help picking a hotel! i'm able to choose from --

    Venetian, Wynn, Aria, Palazzo, Vdara, Trump, Cosmopolitian, Mandarin, and Bellagio.

    If you could all give some feedback about these or where you usually stay when you go, it will definitely help our decision with where to stay!! There's more hotels to pick from, but these were the top picks for us unless someone would like to introduce me to another, that would be great!!! :smile:

    A little background on us - We're all 22-27. We're looking to shop, go out to bars/clubs(which is the best place?), looking for GOOOOOOOOD food. Any good shows? Which place has a nice pool?(i heard there was a pool that goes through a shark tank?!?!?)

    I could use all your suggestions!!! Thanks :smile:
  6. If I were you, I would stay at the Cosmo. It is really beautiful and a good central location. The hot club in LV right now is Marquee which is located inside the Cosmopolitan. It also has the restaurant STK, which is super fun for 20 somethings.

    For Vdara and Trump, you have to walk more to get to the popular spots because it is "off strip". The walk isn't TOO bad though...maybe an extra 5-10 min walk but wearing heels, can feel like an eternity, lol. Oh, and they don't have casinos in them so that might be inconvenient if you have gamblers in your group.

    The other club I really enjoyed was XS. Did not like Tao and Surrender was just okay.
  7. Cosmo would be my first choice, it's a beautiful hotel has popular clubs and like the other poster mentioned it's in the middle of the strip so it's easy to get to where you want to go. Next two choices would be a tie between teh wynn and the venetian. Both are grand hotels I'd say they are probably fairly comparable however depending on how many are sharing a room you may what the venetian for more bang for your buck since all the rooms are suites with a livingroom. If say 3-4 are sharing one room having the extra space is great two people could sleep on the sofa(it's L shaped) while the other two sleep on the bed. The only down side to both of them are they are at the end of the strip so you will do a bit of walking to get around. I will say I feel like the cosmo caters to a younger crowd where as the wynn & venetian cater to a "older" crowd as far as the hotel guests wise IMO. The latter two do have popular clubs for younger people, so you'll see more of them at those hotels at night. Both of those are across the street from the mall too, so great for shopping. The trump hotel isn't on the strip it's off of it so that will cause you to walk a bit more. I also think the trump hotel is a non-gaming hotel so depending on your wants/needs it could be a plus if you dont' want to deal with it or a minus if you want to gamble at your hotel.
  8. Thanks for your suggestions!! I'll def look into it. I was looking at pics of the Cosmo and holy moly it's beautiful inside! Lol. Do either of you or anyone else happen to know which hotels are smack Dab in the center of the strip? We're not getting a rental and are planning to walk everywhere so we'd like to be somewhere in the center...
  9. From your list...Cosmopolitan, Aria, and Bellagio are the most centrally located.
  10. Thanks! Does anybody have any experience with the Palms? My uncle told me last time he went, he tipped the person who was checking them in and his room got upgraded for free >_>
  11. Palms is NOT a convenient location, especially if you aren't renting a car. They're off the strip.
  12. Ohh okay. Thank you for letting me know :smile:
  13. You can try tipping anywhere. We stay at TI and I have done it the past three times and gotten upgraded.
  14. Cesars Palace, Ballys, Planet Hollywood and the Paris hotel are pretty much in the middle.
  15. Has anyone done a Grand Canyon tour? We're thinking about going in Dec. but not sure if it's worth going. I get car sick easily but then a plane tour is also an option. Any experiences/tips/advice appreciated!