LAS VEGAS tips - questions - advice!

  1. I am so excited. I will be going to las vegas for the first time for a neonatal nursing conference in june. I can't wait. This is the first time I am going away and by myself :lol: (hubbie and kids will be left behind:amazed: ;) ). I am not too concerned about going by myself because i know i will meet people right away.

    since i have never been there before, i would like your suggestions on things to do and see to ensure i do not miss a thing. i never get to travel so i want to make this trip the best ever.

  2. i kind of wish my family could come though. have never been away from them before. but it will be too much $$$ and school is in progress.
  3. There is too much to do in Vegas.

    Be sure to hit up the Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace; as well as, the shops at the Bellagio.

    Nightlife is so abundant that there is too much to do...:biggrin:

    Have a blast.
  4. oh, thank you soooo much. the conference is at the hilton. should i just stay at another hotel? i will definitely check out those shops.
  5. Too much to do. How long will you be there?
  6. 6 days. i will only be at the conference for 2 days.
  7. Oh no need for that - The Hilton connects with the conference center - which is great for rolling out of bed and getting where you need to be within 5 minutes.

    There is a Tram now in Vegas that connects everything. You can take the Tram to Caesers, Mandalay Bay, everywhere. I highly reccommend the $20 all day Tram pass, this way you can get on and off as often as you like, and you don't have to bother with the cost of taxi-cabs, or the traffic. The Tram rides above the Strip, it is very cool.

    I love Vegas - You will have a blast.
  8. If you are into clubbing, definitely hit Studio 54.... There are lots of shops that you'll love. Prada, Gucci, Dior, etc... I find that SAs in Vegas are super friendly:lol: I also love the buffet inside Aladin hotel. Have fun!!!!!!!!
  9. oh, wow!!!! that is so good to know. thanks a million. 20$ all day, outstanding. does the tram run all night too? oh, i can't wait.
  10. OMG, i am so into clubbing. i have not been clubbing in such a long time, but i am almost 34 now.
  11. I can't totally remember - it shuts down (I think) at 1 or 2 am in the morning. They post the operating hours at all the tram docks.

    God - one taxi from Hilton to Caeser's in traffic can cost $15 with tip; so, $20 for all day tramming is a steal - even if you have to take a taxi back to your hotel after the clubs.

  12. keeps sounding better and better.:amuse: thank you.
  13. True True - and they haggle with you; maybe not at Hermes or Chanel; but at Touerneau (huge watch dealer) they were taking 20% off the retail prices of high-end watches for my was funny, I felt like I was back in NY.

    At a lot of the jewelry and watch stores there is the price you see and then the price you can negotiate. :p

    Also, the SA's at every store are exceptional, we were treated like Gold at Hermes, and Chanel.

    I've never gone into the Harry Winston there - I just drool through the windows.

    AGH - I go back in July, seems like an eternity to wait. :sad2:
  14. :lol: :lol: now i am even more anxious to go. i think i'd better make a list. that list will be ugly i think. i better pay down my credit cards then ,and work extra over time;)
  15. Oh - you'll have such a blast! I go to Vegas maybe 6 times a year, and have been since I was about 8! (I'm 34) ha ha!

    There's too much to do - the best buffet in this world is the Aladdin Spice Market Buffet. Shopping at Caesar's Palace, Bellagio, Fashion show Mall and the Premier Outlets is fab! There's also some high end shops at the Wynn.

    Check out the water show at Bellagio, it's beautiful. It runs every 20 min or so.