Las Vegas Spas?

  1. I'm trying to schedule a massage treatment for my boyfriend's birthday when we go to Vegas in September. I thought a couple's massage would be nice...if not, I'll still schedule one for him. Do you guys have any recommendations on which spas on the strip are good? I am trying to find reviews online....but even the 'good' spas have mixed reviews. Can you give a review on a spa that you love? Thanks so much!!! :flowers:

    p.s....I'm such a novice at the massage thing, so any comment is appreciated!....i didn't even know the difference between a swedish massage and a deep tissue one. :P
  2. the only one I've been to in Vegas was the one at the Venetian. Canyon Ranch Spa. Incredible.
  3. The MGM has a nice spa too!
  4. I remember the one from the last episode of Entourage. It was the Red Rock Spa.
  5. OMG!! I :heart: the spa at the Wynn and the Canyon Ranch Spa they are the best!:flowers:
  6. I'm thinking about trying Elemis @ Aladdin...that seems to be the only one that has couples massage. Do you know if it's any good?
  7. The Spa at the Mandalay Bay is also very nice. We wanted to try Canyon Ranch this last time we went, but we were too sick to make it. :throwup:
  8. A lot of these hotels will not let you go to their spa unless you are staying at the hotel where the spa is located. Make sure and call ahead to verify they will allow you in.
  9. I didn't love Canyon Ranch...seemed "sterile" to me...
  10. Second vote for Mandalay Bay spa. As for what type of massage you want to get, ask for the spa menu and pick one. Swedish massage is more traditional and very relaxing (I almost always fall sleep). Where as deep tissue can get pretty intense - it's good if you are really tense - you might feel sore the next day. Have fun in Las Vegas!
  11. Thanks guys, I'll give spa mandalay a call to see what they say. I understand that the Wynn spa is only for hotel guests...maybe next time. =)