Las Vegas Shopping...

  1. I am going to Las Vegas, and I wanted to go to the Coach Store in the Forum in Caesar's Palace. On the Coach website it says there is a Coach Forum and Coach Forum II. Can anyone tell me the difference and where they are located in the mall.

  2. Hi, Coach shopping in Vegas sounds like fun!!! There is a Coach store right as you leave Ceasars and enter the forum shops, and there is a Coach store in the new part of the shops kind of by the Anthropologie store if I remember! The one closest to the casino is usually more crowded, and they have different stuff, so be sure to check both out!! Im so jealous!! Have Fun!!:tup:
  3. Thank you for the info!! I am very excited to check out the stores! :smile::yahoo:
  4. I was there in May. Had to go to Vegas for a Conference. Shopping for Coach was my relaxation. The stores (both) are awesome. The one closest to the casino is more crowded, but everyone is so nice. Have a great time!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  5. there is one coach store right inside the main forum shoppes entrance next to the mirage walkway (I think it's on the second floor, but it might be the third, right near the round escalator), the other one is right past spago and the palm as you enter the casino. I like the outside one better, it is a bit bigger and I like the sa's there.

    you should go to the two coach outlets there too. one is right past the mandalay bay in the las vegas outlet center and the other is at the premium outlets on charleston right down from the sahara area
  6. Definately hit the outlets - the one on Grand Central (Past Sahara) has a ton of signature - but get there early! The crowds are horrendous!

    If you can get out of Vegas to Stateline (Primm), there's a great store there too - very nice SA.

    Lucky you! 4 coach locations in one small city! Shop Away!
  7. there is also a coach store at the fashion show mall across from wynn, I don't think there's one in the miracle mile or at the shops at mandalay, but I could be wrong, stuff seems to change all the time
  8. I was there in Feb and again in May and the Coach shopping was great. I was there on Memorial Day weekend and the outlets were not crowded at all. I had read so much on here about the outlets being horrendously crowded but that was not my experience at all.
  9. There are 5 full price in Vegas: 2 at the Forum, 1 at Fashion Show Mall, 1 at Green Valley Ranch (which is off the strip), and 1 at Galleria at Sunet (a local's mall). The 2 outlets are phenomenal. I shop there all the time. All the sales associates I have met at every store are amazing. If you want to Private Message me and let me know which store you are planning on going to I'll let you know who to ask for.
  10. O and I forgot to add, from what I've heard they are going to open 1 at the new Venetian shops.
  11. Oh goody! I hope they open it soon, I'm headed to the Venetian in a few weeks. I second the Coach outlet at Primm, it has a great selection.
  12. I don't believe the Venetian will be finished before January or so. It's gonna be a long while, but well worth the wait. You should also check out the Miracle Mile at the new Planet Hollywood casino, excellent shopping. I live in Vegas so if you need any advice just PM me.
  13. The one that is closer to the casino is smaller which is why it's more crowded. I prefer to shop at the one closer to the mall entrance.
  14. i just got back from vegas. The best coach store i found was the one in Caesars near this chocoalate store on the second floor. Also every department store in the fashion show mall had coach on sale. Shoes,bags, everything. Saks even had a large watercolor tote for $68.
  15. Is the sale still going on?? I'll be in vegas next week. And I want to bring home a Coach bag for my mom. Anyone see any nice/good price Coach bag?? TIA.