Las Vegas Recommendations?

  1. Could anyone recommend a good hair salon in LV? I'm sure there are many, but I don't know anything about any and I'll be in LV for a few days next month. I love to have my hair done when I'm in NY or a larger city because my choices at home are few!
    I'll be staying at the Wynn and I thought about just scheduling an appointment at their salon/spa, but I thought surely, the lovely ladies on PF might have some ideas! Also, I'd love the recomendation of a specific stylist or colorist if any one can help. THanks in advance!
  2. hmm I would also like to know! I am going out there in November, but by then i'm going to need some touch ups im sure :smile:
  3. i have a few good NY suggestions but nothing for LV unfortunately :sad:. but i'm sure one of the wonderful ladies here will be able to refer you to an amazing stylist :yes:
  4. I'll take some NY ones...I live upstate about 5 hours away so every now and then I get down there to see fam and what not.
  5. i've visited a bunch of hairstylists but one of my favorites is salon O2 ( was named salon of the year by some publication and it's just very zen. the owner is amazing and the colorists are great as well.
  6. I really like the spa/salon at the Venetian. Its Canyon Ranch. So much to do. It's pretty close to the Wynn hotel. The last time I was there, I got a blow out and 2 hour massage everyday. LOL My friends thought I was crazy. Hey, I don't gamble.

    For NYC, Frederick Fekkai inside of Henri Bendels. Georges for color, Tiffany for blowouts. I have tried many places and still go back to FF.
  7. I live in vegas but the place i go to is about 20 min from the strip. I would se if there is an Aveda Spa nearby. They are pretty consistant and they give a good haircut.
  8. Thanks girls, for the suggestions!
    BTW, I also love Fredric Fekkai in NYC ! My daughter and I always schedule time there when we're in New York!
  9. Do you mind going off the strip? I really like Mosaic Salon & Globe Salon. Closer to the strip I used to go to Upstage Salon (Aveda) It's on Flamingo/Arville-Pretty close to the strip. I had the owner do my hair there-Great job. In regards to Canyon Ranch-They have the worst stylists ever. They do great eyebrow waxing though.
  10. How about the Bellagio - do they have a good spa? I'm going there in first trip to Vegas!
  11. My good friend in Vegas gets her extensions done by the top stylist at Mandalay Bay. She said he is very recommended in the area, the best!
  12. Whatever you do... do not go to the Mirage spa. I had the most horrible experience there minutes before my wedding. HaHa I can laugh now, but the tears were pouring then!!
  13. Dlkinvegas: Interesting about Canyon Ranch... any intel on the Salon at the Wynn?
    Thanks to you all for the info!
  14. I get my hair done far from the strip! Sorry....don't have any good recs. It's hard here because there's so many places and it seems like when I get attached to a stylist, they move out of state or on the other side of the city.
  15. Steve Wynn's wife hand picked everyone in the Wynn Salon so I'm sure they are wonderful.
    My hairdresser is far off the strip too. The problems with going off the strip is that some won't take you if you aren't going to be on a regular rotation.
    AMP at the Palms is suppose to have some pretty fab hair people.