Las Vegas Real Estate??!!

  1. I know that there are many of you from Las Vegas on here and I just wanted to know what the nicest places to live in Vegas are? I so far have heard of Summerlin and Green Valley...what can you ladies tell me about them and how far exactly is everything from Las Vegas. My fiance and I are planning on moving there in a few years and both will work somewhere near the strip:yahoo:hehe our price range is 200-300...this will be our first place that we are buying together. We were looking for a townhome or small home...not planning on having kids so we don't need more than 2 bedrooms. TIA!:smile:
  2. I love Green Valley/Henderson area. It's not far at all from the Strip (maybe 7-8 miles). Summerlin is a bit further west of the Strip (maybe 10 miles), I personally don't care for the area but it is a nice area and the people that live there seem to love it. $200K-$300K really doesn't buy a lot nowadays in Vegas. Have you looked into lower priced options??? There are areas of Henderson (Whitney Ranch), East Vegas (Sunrise Mountain), and North Vegas (way northwest towards Ann Rd-however this is a further commute) that are nice areas where you can get much more bang for your buck. Like most other cities I suggest you come out and look at the areas because there are parts of North Las Vegas, East Las Vegas, and even Henderson that aren't the most desirable. Keep in mind that Vegas doesn't have a 'ghetto' but rather several small areas spread around that I would avoid.

  3. Hey thanks so much!! Yeah I just don't want to end up in a bad area you know? We don't want anything big. Like I said a new townhome would suit us great! I don't like to do housework so anything over 2000sq feet is too big for me LOL!!! Thanks for the info and I'll keep that in mind. Please if anyone has anything else to add please do so!!!:tup:
  4. With that price range, I would look into Condo's. Maybe find a Real Estate agent that specializes in foreclosure properties, that could really get you a lot of bang for your buck.
    Summerlin and Green Valley are really the best areas. There is the new Alliante which is farrrr North and would probably be the furthest travel to the strip. There is also Southern Highlands, you may be able to find a condo there. Southern Highlands is out towards California (South?), and is my preferred community:tup:. I guess stay away from Martin Luther King blvd and all of the letter streets (D street, F Street, H street, ect.).
    You will be able to tell if you are in the hood, I wouldnt worry about that too much.
    Just explore Vegas when you get out here, its hard to get lost...just go towards the Stratosphere if you get lost lol. Hope you find a place! and if you need a Mortgage Consultant...I have the perfect one for you!

    If you need someone to show you around...Im here! :o)
  5. since it is a few years in advance, i'd certainly research areas...there will be foreclosures in the future, many have overextended themselves in that may be in a really good position to bargain for what you want.

    good luck!
  6. Thank you so much ladies!!! Where would i find foreclosure properties???
  7. I just moved here, and I definitely recommend coming out before your move and scoping out different areas. We ended up living in the Southwest part of town, and I really like the area! I have also been to Summerlin and its nice.
    Good luck with your search!
  8. I've lived here for over 10 husband was born and raised in Vegas. I live in an area called The Lakes. It's lovely! Summerlin is nice, too. Prices are starting to was getting a little crazy here for awhile!! Good luck with your move when you do it!
  9. My parents moved there about a year ago from San Francisco and got an amazing house for 300k in a great neighborhood in North Las Vegas. The drive is a ways from the Strip/downtown now, but they're building a new freeway there and soon the commute to the Strip will only take about 10 minutes. Summerlin is very nice, as well as some communities in the South, going towards LA on the 15. Some analysts predict that it's a good time to buy now as the prices are nearing rock bottom, but they also predict that the prices will go up in about 2 years. My FI and I are buying a condo near Durango St. which is quite near the Strip, it's a new development and according to our agent one of the only developments that have gone UP in price since they began selling. The price for a comfortable 2 (master) bedroom condo with upgrades is under $200k. HTH and good luck!
  10. You said in a few years, yes? The real estate market could be very different a few years from now as to what your budget will buy (values and mortgage rates). I'd concentrate on areas with the awareness that depending on which pundits you talk to, you could get considerably more for your $$ in a market like Vegas in a few years where there was so much speculation -- and I would find an agent who really understands what neighborhoods have been more or less impacted by that.
  11. Vegas has a land shortage. We have a natural barrier around the town that once the land is gone, you will need to be on the other side of the mountains. And its quite a drive! Its one of a very few cities like this. If you are going to buy I'd be seriously looking at doing it now. Prices are down but the next wave of buyers will push prices up again in 2 years. People are still moving her at a rate of about 5,000+ (net) per month. We are expected to have 3 million people in this bowl area by 2015. We have about 1.8 now.
    The new development on the strip is going to need 100,000 people starting in 2010.
  12. My husband and I bought our house in Summerlin just over a year ago.
    We looked in Green Valley and while it was beautiful there wasn't a lot there we could afford. WE were also concerned as we were told it was in a flood area and we would have to have flood insurance. Summerlin is really about 20-25 min from the strip but there is a fairly new area even further North that looks lovely, is a little cheeper, and has better highway access so its not that far a drive.
    I ahve a friend who bought a lovely town home in the 260's this year. It's a three bedrooom and is off ft appache and flamingo. Not a bag area, cute place and not a bad drive to the strip.
  13. I live off Durango and I agree its a great area!