Las Vegas Outlets?

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  1. dh and i are going to vegas in june for a week and was wondering if you guys can give me suggestions about good outlets that are on or close to the strip?

    i'm hoping for an outlet mall with gucci, dior, chanel, y'know the really GOOD stuff :smile:

  2. my first reaction when you put LV was louis vuitton .. my heart skipped a beat lol
  3. if you sign up on
    you can get a VIP coupon book which gives you some pretty good discounts and you can also print out some other ones online as well that are sometimes better than the ones in the book.

    All three outlets listed above have a Coach outlet. True Religion is supposed to open at the Premium outlets in Vegas sometime this month.
  4. Primm outlet is worth checking out for the Neiman Marcus & tod's outlet. Also there is an off 5th on 7680 las vegas blvd. The nearest Dior & Gucci outlets are in CA near palm springs :sad:
  5. how "near" is palm springs? a 2 or 3 hours from vegas?
  6. Vegas is about 3 hours from Palm Springs. Cabazon (where the outlet mall is) is about 45 minutes west of Palm Springs- there you will find outlets for Prada, Gucci, Barneys, Tods, Dior, Tse, True Religion, Theory, and more. Yes it is fabulous, but I wouldn't say it's close to Las Vegas.

    There is good outlet shopping in Vegas. I love the Primm outlet. There is a fabulous LCNM, Tod's, and Burberry. The LC alone is worth the drive IMHO. I have found great deals on shoes (Manolos!). The one downtown has a Theory and a Zegna (DH likes that).

    There are 2 Zappos outlets. One is about 3 miles south of Mandalay Bay and there is another one on Maryland Parkway. Those are hit or miss, but the customer service is great. I've been to both stores and if you find a shoe you like, but you can't find your size, they will hunt it down in the system for you :smile:
  7. The outlet is actually in the city of Cabazon which is about a 4 hour drive from downtown las vegas so it's quite a drive. It's my favorite outlet. Here's a link to a list of stores
  8. what is LCNM?
  9. Last Call Neiman Marcus

    the last time I was there I didn't find much so I hit up Saks Off 5th and found better deals (MJ's, Prada).

    PS- I was at the Las Vegas Premium Outlet and they've added a few more stores. They also now have Burberry, Kate Spade, and soon to open True Religion. There were a few more-just don't remember them right now.
  10. OH!!! ok! I was like what does LC stand for?? I also have better luck at LC than off 5th. I'm 30 mins from Cabazon so I'm usually there at least once a month :graucho:
  11. I second that. I found the CL lastics in black there and now regret that I returned them sometimes. I had got them there for like $200!!

    Definitely going back there next time.

    The closest LCNM to me is in Miltpitas which is overrunning with people on the weekends so there is rarely ever anything good there to find.
  12. I am planning a trip to LA in June.
    May i know how far it is and if there is any return coach from LA?
    is the marked down pricing really good?
  13. i'm so jealous! the closest decent outlet mall in my area is about an hour and a half drive on a good day :sad:
  14. RE: Zappos outlets are definitely hit or miss. You can get a coupon for them in the Saturday Journal (the local newspaper there) and in the GO Las Vegas tourist books all over town. They are either 10% or 20% off your order. There is a free shuttle from the strip to the Maryland Parkway outlet. It is the original and seems to have more higher end pieces (as high end as Zappos gets of course:smile:)

    The stuff is all at least a season old and depending on the day maybe discounted with your coupon about 40% so hit or miss is the exact right summary. Check out YELP for reviews of all these outlets.