Las Vegas Outlets and Boutiques

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  1. Hello!

    I guess there's 2 Coach Outlets in Las Vegas? Is one better than the other? I'll be pressed for time, so I think I can only go to one. Which one do you like? I'll be staying on the strip. Thanks so much!!

  2. I've only been to one ... the one by the Stratosphere. If you can get yoruself to the Stratosphere (we stayed there), it's a $10 cab ride. They had tons of stuff! I was on a budget and unfortunately just got a wristlet I had been looking for ($23), the oscelot ipod case ($23), and a scarf ($35). Definately worth a trip! I asked around and most people I talked to liked this one better.
  3. The only Coach outlet that I have been to is the one off of I-15 and Charleston. It is in the Premium Outlet mall and let me warn you right now it is pure chaos in there. I have only been there once and it was pure mayhem!! i would go early if you decide to go to this one.

    The other one is down in Primm which is about almost a half hour south of the Strip with shuttle buses from the MGM to take people there (at least I think it's the MGM I will have to check and make sure).

    But the one at the Premium Outlet mall is definitely closer but get there early before mainly before the afternoon crowd gets there!
  4. I've been only to the newer outlet mall...I think that's probably the one by the stratosphere..I think the other was down by the airport. If you go to one I'd head to the one by straosphere. I've gotten some GREAT bags there!
  5. Premium Outlet is for sure where you want to go. As mentioned before I would never go on the weekend, it is too busy. If you see a bag you like and there are only one or two left, grab it!! I was trying to decide if I wanted a bag that was marked down to like $70 and as I was thinking someone grabbed it. So sad.
  6. Wow the Premium Outlet's Coach stores sounds wonderful. I'm definitely stopping by there when we go to Vegas in July! Thanks for all the great info ladies :flowers:
  7. Agreed...but I follow that rule at ALL coach outlets!

    That said, I think the only one that's crazier than the Vegas outlet is the one in Oahu.
  8. Thanks, everyone!
  9. Anyone know what items they are currently selling?

    I'm going in two weeks.... just want to start my shopping list :smile:
  10. There are some outlet related threads on the shopping sub-boards... I just got back from Vegas & wasn't really impressed with the selection... same stuff as I have at my local outlets. However, if you aren't going for two more weeks, things could change.
  11. Ditto on the outlet threads, as well as it can totally change in a week or two, I was just there on Sat. and I saw a few things I loved, and a lot of things I didn't.. they had totally different things than they had the week before. Have fun! :smile:
  12. thanks for the info... found the thread after i posted this..
  13. My Husband is going to the Nascar Race in Vegas this weekend, and has promised me he will go to one , or both of the outlets for me. My question is, which one has more of a selection. He will be picking something out for me. I just Love him, he is so sweet. Thanks for all your help.
  14. Thanks so much for your help.