Las Vegas Outlet

  1. Hey girlies! The guy I'm "dating" or whatever is going to Vegas to play a little poker in a couple of weeks. I was curious what kind of items the Coach Outlet in Vegas carries just in case I want him to pick something up for me. The outlet here by the Twin Cities carries mainly leather items but I'm really into the sig. Does anyone know what they might have at that outlet about now? Any info would be FANTASTIC! Thank ya oodles!!! :smile:
  2. Katie
    I am going to try and get there this weekend. I'll let you know what I find.
  3. AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much. I truly appreciate it!!!! :biggrin:
  4. I'm going in three weeks so please do tell so i can leave some room in my suitcase for the trip home.
  5. The one at the north end of the strip (by the stratosphere) carries signature stuff! It is great there, but a madhouse. I got a cute turquoise signature wristlet I had been looking for there.
  6. Ohhh maaaannnnn. I might have to have him go there while he's on the phone with me... LOL! This could get crazy... :roflmfao:
  7. Okay, just got home!
    They had a TON of Sig. stuff. A lot of brown and black(even some mini-C stuff which was too cute), and since it's an outlet, a lot of springy colors like yellow, blue and purple.
    My advice would be to give him maybe some pics or something to help. Also, if he tries to go on a weekend day he may not be able to do it. It is a small store and on weekends it's literally wall to wall people. My husband won't even go into the store on the weekend.
    I would have him look around, see what they have and then call you. The stock changes all the time so in a few weeks it could be a new story.
  8. Thanks sooo much! I guess he's supposed to be flying out on the 4th of July or the day after. Do you buy chance remember what styles of handbags they had? I hate to ask all of this of you, it would just be nice to know. He knows what styles I'm into, but I'd like to send him with some money as well and... heh... he's a guy, he might need some further assistance in knowing what to get!! LOL
  9. You are so annoying. KIDDING!
    Ok, here's what I remember seeing:

    Soho Sig. Small Flap
    Swing back (lots of styles)
    Soho Lg. Hobo (lots of styles)
    Chelsea turn lock hobo (2 die 4)
    Hamptons Weekend Tote (lots, but in very bright springy colors)
    As for price it can go anywhere from 20% off to 40 or 60 if you get there on the right day
    I was a bit overwhelmed--they had a lot of good stuff so that's all I can say with 100% certainty.
    But if you like the Sig. line you should be in luck here!
  10. Thanks so much! You're a doll :o)
  11. No Prob!
    I wish I was more familar with the stuff from last year. I bet I would have been more helpful.
    I notice you are from Min-a-so-tah :smile:
    Where are you at? I am from Iowa and my hubby is from the twin cities.
  12. Katie,
    One good thing to do is to scan ebay--usually the bulk of the NWT styles are from outlets. If you see something you like, write down the style, call the store in LV and have them hold it.
    I've done it a few times and it works like a charm.
  13. very clever, you tricky minx!
  14. Sorry so late of a response, I was up at the cabin for the holiday :yahoo:

    I'm actually from the Twin Cities, right outside St Paul!
  15. congrats on the grapefruit!!