Las Vegas- Most expensive restaurants??

  1. Hi all! I'm looking into doing some research on the most expensive or 5 star restaurants in Las Vegas. Have any of you been to them? How would you rate the sevice? Any opinions are appreciated! Thank you!:tup:
  2. I'm going to the "MIX" in THE hotel in Mandalay Bay resort..I heard great things about's on the 64th floor with glass's supposed to be exquisite BUT-we'll see, I got my credit card ready!!!
  3. thank you!!
  4. We went to Aureole (sp?) in Mandalay Bay for our 1 year anniversary a couple of years ago. It was good, but really slow service, which is typical in those types of restaurants.

    We've also been to Prime in Bellagio. Don't know if that's considered a five star restaurant, but it was also really good. I had one of the best meals of my life there.

    Lastly, we've been to...okay the name escapes's Emeril's restaurant in the Venetian (I think). I liked it better than my husband. He wasn't very impressed with their meat.
  5. If you want a 5 star filet try the steakhouse @ circus circus. It is not the most pricey (reasonable compared to others) but some of the best according to myself & many many others & restaurant ratings. The filet was FAB - generously sized, cooked perfectly & service was great. Circus circus itself is sketchy but the restaurant is wonderful. I suggest reservations since this restaurant is well known for its great steak. If you want expensive but not necessarily better quality try Prime @ the Bellagio.
  6. ^^^ PS as far as pricing the filet @ CC was 48.00 just to give you an idea of what is pricey & what is not in Vegas - that included salad, breads, sides. Most other places charge a la carte & at Prime or Craftsteak expect about double that price for the same thing.
  7. I have been to le cirque in bellagio and the top of the world restaurant at the stratosphere. the view at stratosphere is great!! those are the only fancy ones I've been to, I usually go cheap in vegas.
  8. Not interested in the best food? Although I'm not sure how many mom-and-pop hidden gems there can be in Vegas. Maybe the most expensive places there really are the best.
  9. I don't think most expensive = best in Vegas or anywhere for that matter.
    The Circus Circus steakhouse I recommended always comes in the list of top 10 in Vegas beating out the more pricey places. 48.00 for GREAT filet is unfortunately not considered expensive in Vegas. It's a downright bargain actually if you look at the prices at Prime, Craftsteak, Delmonicos.
  10. ^^^ no offense but I've got to strongly disagree about about Circus steakhouse. Top 10 in Vegas, that used to be a locals rating & the locals are cheap cause of the buffets.
    Some people like the whole experience of going to a beautiful location, having excellent service, & enjoying the ambiance, along with fantastic food.
    Most expensive & the Michelin 3 star winner (which is the best rating) is Joel Robuchon at MGM. Its in the Mansion which is where the high rollers stay & the intertior is TDF. It'll cost you around $500 for 2 not including alcohol. I've not been here yet. We do have a reservation this month for JR & the tie for second runner up "Guy Savoy" at Caesars. ( It takes sometimes months to get reservations on the weekends for these places. We are spending NY eve at GS) Both of these chefs have restaurants in Paris.
    The tie for 2nd is "Alex" at the Wynn which we've eaten at several times. This chef used to have "Renoir" at the Mirage.
    The service is unbelivable at these places, someone is there at your beck & call all the time.
    Also in the running for best are Prime, Jasmine, Nobhill, SW Steak, Neros, Fleur des Lys, Mix, DB (Wynn), Bouchon. I've eaten at all several times & all are excellent. (I'll probably think of more.) Venetian is opening their new tower & they will have several places including Mario Batalia.
    We don't have any really outstanding restaurants off the strip.
  11. VegasLL, In 1985 or 1986 over the labour day weekend,I had dinner at a restaurant at Caesars. Petula Clark opened for George Burns (odd combination, I know) It was the first and only time I have been handed a menu without the prices. (Men are apparently expected to pay for ladies dinners;Charles would not like this place).
    I wonder if this was Guy Savoy? If it was it was the best meal and service I have had in Vegas.
  12. Hi, I've got 7 days on the strip(Mandalay Bay)..What do you recomend we order at MIx, Bouchon and Fleur De Lys?? We're definitely going there(for the 1st time) so any input would help me..TIA!!:yes:
  13. I would of loved to of seen these 2! I'll bet it was Neros, which has been here since Caesars opened in the early 60's. Neros is fabulous!
    Guy Savoy just opened in the new tower about a year ago.
  14. Mix - I would order a fish dish cause chef Alain Ducheon (sp) owns this & the Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower. And we had one of the best fish dishes in my life at the Eiffel Tower in March. My DH & I both said we will never eat fish this good again. I have not been back to Mix to try the fish here. Would love to see if they can do as well in Vags as Paris. (Sounds strange I know, but will never forget that piece of fish) Have only had steak here. Which was excellent.

    Bouchon - I usually get the special (usually fish) or steak frittes. Never have I heard anyone be disappointed here.

    Fleur de Lys - one of our favs. Like the wild game meats cause not alot of places serve this. Love the chocolate tasting dessert better than the fruit tasting. Which normally is not the case for me.

    Do you like Peking duck? or Thai food?
    Have a great time.
  15. Ahh, fish- at Mix and Bouchon (and steak frittes)
    Maybe lamb at Fleur, heheh! I'll let u know how it goes!! and I'll stay away from the fruit tasting!
    I love peking duck, Thai food, gonnahave to go to Thailand for that someday!
    Unless you know of any in Vegas..there was a Chinese place at the Venetian we tried a year back that was so-so..couldn't beat the dim sum at chinatown though. But I do admit the ruid service at chinatown was worth the $ for excellent service at the Venetian place..
    Thanks again!