Las Vegas Meet-up, Mid October? Buehler? 14-17

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  1. :nuts: Anyone? I will be there, I can pretty much meet anywhere at any time between the 14-17. :graucho: It will be my first meetup!! :yahoo: And dangit, I'm gonna find the loub boutique this time!! :lol:
  2. I will be there and I'd love to attend my first TPF meet-up. I'm free any day but Saturday (and possibly Friday evening). Should be fun!
  3. GASP! I would love to go, it'll be my 21st on the 13th, and I plan to go that weekend as well! Perfect timing!
  4. Bump! Christine and ct462, when/where would you like to meet? The boutique? Any ideas on time? I am free pretty much any time! :smile: Anyone else?
  5. Hmmm... :thinking:
  6. Jenay! Please come. I think I would like you a lot. (Not that I wouldn't like anyone else! ha!)
  7. ^^ Lol! That made me laugh, nexis. :P

    We are only an hour plane ride away from Vegas.... Lemme see if we have anything planned for those dates! :nuts:
  8. Oooh I'm gonna miss this, I'll be there Nov 6. Have fun!
  9. Have fun!
  10. Where is the Louboutin boutique in Vegas?
  11. It is at the Palazzo.
  12. I would like to go if possible. I have to work during the day but can meet after or on the weekend. It's been a while since my last CL journey of Barney's, the boutique, Shoe Inn, NM, and Saks. Let me know the details. I need a new pair and would love to shop with people that understand.
  13. I cant go As it turns out.... but y'all have fun!!

  14. :amuse: I wanna join :biggrin: