Las Vegas meet June 24th or 25th?

  1. Anyone going to be around the Vegas strip on June 24th or June 25th for lunch? Walking around the Fashion Show mall and visiting LV? I'll be travelling up that way and will be available for anyone wanting to do lunch and shop.
  2. oh crud, I will be there later in the week, 6/28-7/2! we will just miss each other.
  3. Just went to Las Vegas in April but probably going during Thanksgiving. If anyone is going to be there in Nov., let me know!
  4. i will be there June 18 - June 21st! we are all missing each other...
  5. so true!! I am going back in the middle of october and the middle of december, missing peace too. we should really coordinate this better, haahha!!
  6. darn it i was JUST there 2 weeks ago :sad: i'm going back but not until october.. poo
  7. UGH!! I live in Vegas, but I won't be returning to town until the 26th....going to San Diego! YAY!!!!
  8. Lol, I'll still be there but will be visiting with other friends on that day. Maybe if I get lucky we'll stop over sometime in November.
  9. I live in Vegas and LOVE the mall. So sorry I missed this. Love the coach tote with the multicoor stripe. Was thinking about purchasing one of teh bucket totes..I know time is running out...