Las Vegas LV

  1. Going to Vegas this month - should I make purchases online or at the store? I am buying some LV and want to go to Gucci too
  2. Go to the store ... I always love buying things at LV stores when i'm travelling. It's always nice to see the different stores and everytime you look at the bag you got you'll remember your holiday :smile:
  3. I would go to the store!!!
  4. ooh go to the one at the wynn they're so much friendlier there than caesars! plus they have a chanel store too. fashionmall is nearby the wynn if you don't find anything there. good luck!
  5. You should definetly go to the store!!! Great experience and you can try the bags on and have a little fun! Good Luck an have fun.
  6. I would go to the store.
  7. Go to the store for sure. Nothing beats picking up something great during a vacation.
  8. Personally I always go to the store- being in CA I'm going to pay tax with elux anyway so might as well get the store experience.
  9. You should definitely come to the stores here...for one thing there are so many of them...Caesar's Forum Shops LV is awesome, they have everything there it seems, I would also hit up Wynn and The Fashion Show LV's as well, their also just as nice...and there are LV's inside Neiman Marcus and Saks at The Fashion Show Mall as well...believe me you should find some pretty nice stuff all around!:yes:

    In terms of Gucci, there are 2 boutiques, 1 in Caesars Forum Shops just a few stores down from LV, and one at the Bellagio, that I admit I have never been into yet but from the outside it looks nice!

    oh yeah, don't forget to :party:! Have fun here! The shopping is awesome and there's plenty to do!
  10. Thanks to you all for the great advice. I think I just am getting so ansy to buy some more LV. I purchased my MC Speedy in Paris and it is thrilling to be serviced. I just purchased MC business card case, wallet and medium agenda from Eluxury. So, I'll wait the 13 excruciating days til I can shop in person!

    Thanks again!
  11. I absolutely love Vegas. We were married there 7 years ago and return every couple of years.

    We are staying at the Bellagio - Gucci here I come !
    And will deinitely be visiting the LV at the Wynn!
  12. i would go to store. that why you will always remember when you got the bag.
  13. Enjoy Vegas and your LV store experience.
  14. I'll be there the 22nd-25th of this month. We're staying at TI. I stay there specifically so we'll be surrounded literally by LV stores! Caesar's Palace on one side....Fashion Show Mall on the other....and across the street from Wynn! lol!
    I love the LV Wynn too...where else can I shop in person at a LV store at 2 a.m.??!!
    I can't wait the 17 days either!!
  15. Nothing better then trying on new bags and walking away with it.