Las Vegas Louis Vuitton shopping....

  1. Hi!

    I just got back from Vegas last night. I went to all of the LV stores (Fashion Show Mall, Wynn Hotel, Caesar's, and the LV counters at Saks and Neiman's). They all had the Stratus cloud bags (various styles), Love totes (2 satin and 1 canvas), and the bags with the buttons (sorry, don't know the exact name) laying around the store. (Fashion Show LV store had everything!)

    The SA at the Wynn store said that they tend to get alot of the limited edition type bags due to the high traffic volume but they don't usually have waiting lists. So, if you're looking for a limited edition bag, call the Vegas stores.

    If you are looking for inclusion bracelets, I saw transparent (PM-medium) and the pomme (PM-medium & GM) at the Vegas stores.

    The Wynn store had a very nice SA named Ed - very helpful and knowledgable. The Fashion Show store has a nice SA named Matthew (young) but was very knowledgable as well.

    Have fun shopping! Bythe way, tax rate in Nevada is 7.75%
  2. Great info, thanks for passing it along! Sounds like a fun LV filled trip!
  3. I know you said the had alot of LE pieces- Did they have the Fersen? I am going to Las Vegas at the end of the month and I get to buy a bag - so excited but I am so confused on what to get. I saw the Fersen last sunday at my local LV and I really liked it but it is really expensive for me. I also like the Black MC speedy, vernis roxbury, and denim neo speedy. I need some advice on what to look for and what to get. I am looking forward to going to all the LV's more than anything else on this trip and its my first time in Las Vegas.
  4. I live in Vegas....Fersen can be found at Neiman Marcus and Fashion Show LV. Saw it this weekend. I don't really like the Wynn LV. They never have anything. It's all luck with them. Forum has the biggest selection, but it is the busiest. I do most of my shopping right at Fashion Show between that LV and Neiman's or Sak's. Those 3 stores have the best SA's.
  5. Thank you for the info, my husband will be happy to know that we don't have to go to all the LV's in Las Vegas.
  6. Is there any Kirsten at any of the Las Vegas stores??:nuts:
  7. omg i can't wait! we leave for vegas in 3 weeks and i plan to do some MAJOR damage! (mind you, we were just there 3 weeks ago and i did damage then too lol) i LOVE vegas!
  8. las vegas lv shopping is the best. everytime i go i do soooooooo much damage. i wish i lived there.
  9. when i was there a little over a month ago, they had it at the wynn store.:graucho:
  10. Good info,thanks