las vegas hotel code deal

  1. code for madalay bay hotel in las vegas.

    i have not used it nor have i inquired about it. so you will need to call and find out deeper details other then what i am posting here.

    the only thing i ask for here is that you post here what experiences you have with this hotel from beginning to end of the trip. basically a trip story after you have gone and come back. i wanted to see how everyone's experience with things to do at this hotel to all the way from customer service and hotel amenities. so i can plan my next trip and see if mandalay bay hotel is a place i want to return to using the promo's i get. have fun guys! :wlae::supacool::yahoo:

    • a fly back free certificate
    • two-for-one premium tickets to the hit broadway show mamma mia
    • complimentary spa access for two
    • $300 in mandalay place shopping certificates


    PTHBEGI-P6 (THE hotel)
  2. I've stayed at the Mandalay Bay before and I'm not particularly impressed with it. Customer service is pretty standard. I think the rooms are kind of small and unremarkable considering the kind of prices that you're asked to pay.

    THEhotel is a whole other story though. This is actually my favorite place to stay. All rooms are suites with 1.5 baths, with a separate sitting room and bedroom. The giant bathtub that could easily fit three people is particularly lovely.

    As for the resort itself overall, the pool is nice, but gets crowded. The restaurants and casino are pretty standard fare.
  3. Yeah, they just remodeled it recently right? I received the same offer as above and saw the newly refurbished rooms. I was thinking of staying there again when I go in August, but I might just hold out and see if I can get a better deal.
  4. the hotel at mandalay bay is out of this world. i can't say enough about mandaly bay. but if you are going to stay at mandaly bay stay at the hotel which iis all stuites and have the best service. you don't have to wait to check in. we have been going there for years and nowhere else. we gamble and you have to eat at the mix resturant athe the top of mandaly bay which is my favorite resurant in the whole world. but very expensive and has the best drinks but epensive $23. also the spas omy god there is one in the hotel which is good also my favorite one is in the regular manalday bay. it is huge and has the best treatsments and not that expensive. also there is a spa in the fourseasons connected to mandalay bay which is great and very expensive. i love there pool. the pool at mandaly bay is great but can get full on the weekends. but not bad during the week. there is also a private pool or topless pool which is great with a cover and dj and cover i recomend going there. but get there early. also there is great shopping in between mandalay and luxor. also there is many more resurants in mnadalay bay that are good. i have a slot host if you need one that is good. feel free to pm me if you need any info. i am planning on going there hopefully this fall love it there.