Las Vegas Hermes

  1. Hi guys I am going to Las Vegas in October to the Hermes store there, I am wanting to know which is the least expensive Hermes Kelly and or Birkin bag you can buy ? I an not rich, but I am intersted in these bags. I just received a new Hermes Scarf today and "darn", I think that I am needing a bag to go with it. Need Pearls of Wisdom and a basic bag that is the least costly.... Also what has been you experience at the Las Vegas Hermes Store do they have a wide selection there? UPDATE: I decided to call the store in Las vegas and I was told that there is a three year weight and that the list is closed. I was also told that they prefer to work with the clients that live in Las Vegas and that I should consider the Houston Hermes Store instead. Well, this turned me off, I am not going to hunt down a bag. I AM BOYCOTTING THE BALLAGIO HERMES STORE RUDE AND UNHELPFUL SA'S. I am not going to kiss *** for any bag and until their attitude changes they won't see me. But thanks to all of you for listening.
  2. Do you only want a Birkin or Kelly? They have less expensive bags like the Evelyne (which I have), Garden Party, Trim, ect. I'm not an expert on Kelly/Birkin prices but I think the Kelly starts around $5,000 in Togo. Or there's the JPG Kelly clutch which is around $3,000 and up depending on which leather. I'm sure the experts here can give you more info. :flowers:
  3. Well....if you're going to be in Las Vegas anyway why not stop in the store and see what's on the shelves? There are times when a Kelly is just sitting there waiting to go home with someone! It happens frequently! A Birkin is another matter though. Usually you have to get on a waiting list through an SA that you have built a relationship with. That's just how it is, unfortunately. Or you can buy one in the secondary market on-line.

    The most inexpensive Kelly's probably run approx. $5,000.00 in Togo leather as Crochetbella says.
  4. I was at the Bellagio Hermes on June 25th. They had a rouge togo kelly 32 cm for $5900. It was on the shelf. It wouldn't hurt to stop by. Dawn was my SA at the time and was WONDERFUL to me!
  5. actually they have not been rude they only have been honest . i i much more prefer that to bullshitting around

    anyway drop by a kelly might be there and take alook at the leather book to get an idea and an inspiration :flowers:
  6. On my DH's first visit to that store he walked out with a black Kelly with ruthenium HW for me, so it's definitely possible. Like these fine ladies said, it can't hurt to drop in.
  7. Well, maybe I will peek in. I was so Mad at this girls attitude that it gave me a headache. I am not going to hunt a bag down, that is not for me. I don't really like to do alot of shopping anymore. If I can't get it on the internet I usually don't get it. I live in Texas but I never go to Houston or Dallas. I might check out a secondary market. I don't mind that the bag is used as long as it is in excellent condition. My thinking was I have a Chloe Betty on hold at Neimans for fall bag, and it is not suppose to come in until October. I thought that I might just check out Hermes. Thanks Guys!!!
  8. I agree with Lilach....better to be told up front what's what I always say.

    Just don't take it so personally and check it out while you're there. You just never know.
  9. I like and appreciate honesty, but when you go to Vegas you go to enjoy yourself and relax, having a hard time with someone over a purse is not my idea of fun. But I will take your advise, but this isn't the first post about the Las Vegas Hermes store, that has been negative. I didn't mind the waiting list issue, I figured this going in. It was the Attitude issue for me, that I not only see in this store but in others where the sa' s are rude and not very helpful at all. If people are interested in your product, does it hurt to be nice and helpful or is it better to tell them to go some where else. just my opinion. But, thanks!!!
  10. but you must know that on the secondary marked the bags are more expensive then if bought directly at hermès ;)
    ah and please do not take it so personally what have you expected other then the answer you got ? i think it was right of them to tell you so and not making up that they can help you. what if you only intention off going to vegas was the boutique nd then the wrong info would have cost you a whole trip
  11. . I expect for you to give an honest answer and I gave an honest reply seems like the bad attitude goes far beyond the Hermes Stores.
  12. ? they told you the truth (if that was done in an unfriendly manner well that is something i do not know) but see it that way in your local boutique YOU are the local customer and they most likely tell people from vegas to shop at their store ;)
  13. I understand what you are saying Purseloco, don't let one SA stop you from going to the Bellagio Hermes. I had an excellent time in that store when I went a few years back. I'm looking forward to going back. Check it might find something perfect, you never know! And go to the Gelato place while you are's sooo good. :girlsigh:
  14. Wecome Purseloco! I'm sorry if they were rude on the phone. That's never acceptable.
    Unfortunately, Birkin bags do require some and usually A LOT of hunting and patience. Because they are handmade and produced at a very limited supply, they are extremely rare and hard to find. Most stores require you to be a regular customer before offering you a Birkin. They just like to reserve them for loyal patrons - this does not necessarily mean you need to spend TONS of money there - just be known to a SA. Also, this does NOT mean "kissing-ass." Other stores will help you if you live near that store and pop in often. H stores, for waiting lists ordering, are very regional. An east coast store will not help me get a Birkin. My local west coast store and SA got one for me.
    Again, many people do not agree with this method but this is the way it is.
    Las Vegas is actually a good place to walk in a find a Birkin or Kelly on the floor.
    Good luck getting your dream bag.
  15. addicted..I saw the same one!! I was there on June 21st. It was gorgoeus!!